Students of The Addictions Academy are Doing Great Things in their Communities!



Students of The Addictions Academy are Doing Great Things in their Communities!

The Addictions ACADEMY has trained many people over the course of the past four years. They are featured in the article below for the students they have trained and the good work the students are doing across the US.
Our comprehensive Professional Recovery Coaching will teach you to prepare for difficult Recovery Coach clients and various situations. Through the process of Recovery Coaching, clients are held accountable, improve their performance, become educated on drug and alcohol addictions, and enhance their quality of life. A Recovery Coach sets the parameters of the conversation, listens and contributes observations and questions, provides a road map for success and assists the client as a team to achieving their desired goals. An action based Recovery Coach accelerates the client’s progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choices, actions, and responsibility. Recovery Coaching concentrates on meeting the client where they are now, where they want to be, and holding them accountable as a team to get there.
Our courses are offered by Live Virtual Classroom webinars or self study on-demand, to learn at your leisure!  Check out our courses here or call 1.800.706.0318 and get started today!

The Addictions Academy: Students are Loving Their Courses! See What they are Saying!


The Addictions Academy: Students are Loving Their Courses!  See What they are Saying! 

Head over to  to view the calendar of courses.  Call 1.800.706.0318 or register online.  Check out Addiction Academy student Heidi’s thoughts on her recent Life Coaching course below!


Hi Cali!

I just got done with the life coaching training and want you to know that Ginger was an amazing instructor for this course! She taught us skills and tools that were not covered in the material, that I feel are invaluable to having when moving forward with this profession. I look forward to and hope to work with her again soon. She demonstrated very well her life coaching skills as an instructor to us.

I learned from her directly and by watching the way she handled us as students.

I am grateful things worked out so that I could experience her knowledge and skills for this course.

Thank you,
Heidi Fredere

You Know Cocaine is Bad for your Brain, but Let’s Talk About SUGAR!

You Know Cocaine is Bad for your Brain, but Let’s Talk About SUGAR!


January 26-27 Nationally Certified Food Addictions Coach training.  Register TODAY!

Only $300 down if you take advantage of our payment plan.  Includes 10 weeks of supervision. Call 1.800.706.0318 ext 2 before this class is SOLD OUT! 



Nationally Certified Food Addictions Coach (NCFAC)

In Food Addiction Coaching  we will explain the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships with food, how to spot a hidden eating disorder, what the difference between dieting and lifestyle choices are and how to deal with all of them as they present in your client. We address food addictions as both part of the addictive cycle and also independent of other addictions.

For most addicts, an addiction is addiction and food is no different. They complete substance abuse treatment and then begin abusing food and foodstuffs. They may over eat, binge eat, indulge in sugar and caffeine and gain weight. At the Addictions Academy we teach you how to handle the food addiction side when the monster of drugs and alcohol is tamed. We also teach to how to handle a food addiction that is independent of other addictions. Become Certified in Food Addictions. Contact us today. 1.800.706.0318

What you will learn:

  • The differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships with food.
  • How to spot a hidden eating disorder and what to do about it.
  • The difference between dieting and lifestyle choices.
  • Sugar and connection with opiates.
  • Sugar and the connection with alcohol.
  • How to kick the sugar habit (if you want to)
  • Eating as Punishment.
  • Addictions to sugar, caffeine, and energy drinks.
  • Exploration of chemical imbalances in the body.
  • Serotonin and how it plays a key role in food choices.
  • Overcoming Food Addictions and the process to teach your client.
  • Stuffing and numbing unprocessed feelings and how to teach your client ways to cope.
  • How mental health and emotional health play a key role in food addictions.
  • Ways to spot hidden food addictions.
  • The difference between eating disorders, emotional eating and food addictions.
  • Self Esteem and lifestyle changes to implement with your client.
  • How to spot triggers and stressors and what to do about it.

Since abstinence from food is not an option, we offer coping skills and behavior changing life skills. At The Addictions Academy, we will address how to handle going to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting where there is no caffeine and no sugar versus going to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting where coffee and doughnuts are served. Please note this is not a restrictive eating class (no diets, but good verses bad foods to eat will be addressed). We are going to address all Food Addiction issues and ways to use coping skills and mechanisms to reduce stuffing, over eating, under eating, dieting, restricting and using food as a tool to deal with stressors in life.

Our Food Addiction Certification Program is ideal for Therapists, Addiction Coaches, Personal Trainers, Yoga Teachers, Weight Loss Consultants, Health Coaches, Fitness Trainers, Group Exercise Instructors and Life Coaches. Anyone looking to obtain more clients or add more services and credentials to their resume will benefit from The Addictions Academy Food Addictions Certificate Program. ALSO if you have a food addiction, this class will be a great kick start to your lifestyle change!

Call Today at 1.800.706.0318 or register on site.

Is Fitness A Part of Your Client’s Addiction Recovery Program? It Should Be!


Is Fitness A Part of Your Client’s Addiction Recovery Program?  It Should Be!



In The Addictions Academy’s Fitness in Recovery Training Program you will quickly find out that having another tool for people in recovery allows for greater and long-term success. With interactive learning and examples, you will see that having clients implement a routine of healthy eating habits and fitness will help them recover faster and healthier, with a less chance of relapse. This knowledge will empower you in your day-to-day interaction with clients, and in your own personal lives. You will have a real sense of competency. Training and clarifying expectations is so important. Areas to be covered will include basic nutrition, training with weights versus cardio only workouts, getting away from the known ego based fitness philosophy, integration of a spiritual based fitness routine, and tools that you can provide clients with to help them be successful in their sobriety. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to nutrition and fitness. This course will provide the understanding to why a clear and concise nutrition and fitness regimen is important in the path of recovery.

  Boris Schaak, founder of Sober Fitness, is a celebrity trainer and sober coach.

Learn more at The Addictions Academy or call 1.800.706.0318 to register today!


Ian Mcloughlin, Student of The Addictions Academy Shares his Training Experience.


Student of The Addictions Academy Shares his Training Experience.

Thank you Cali! The training you did for us was awesome and I look forward to working more with you in the future. You are unbelievable at what you do, and I hope to one day be as successful and knowledgeable as you are.

Ian Mcloughlin | Admissions & Marketing Representative


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