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Addictions Education: National Addiction Certifications and NAADAC CEU’s:

As an Addiction Professional, you want more cash pay clients. You want solid credentials that open doors for you. You want transferrable CEU’s and you want certifications that are International. The Addictions Academy can deliver. Call 1.800.706.0318 to register for classes TODAY!

We offer the best Recovery Coaching Certification, Intervention Certification, Anger Management, Gambling Coaching Certification, Food Addictions Certification, Master Addictions Coaching Certification and Family Recovery Coaching Certification on the market. We have it. We offer NAADAC and CAADAC CEU’s. We are Board Certified. We offer you high quality training programs that will gain you more cash pay clients. You need to stand apart from the other addiction professionals.

Expand your therapy practice by adding a Recovery Coaching Certification or Intervention Certification to your existing list of services. Get Continuing Education Credits,(good for LMHC, LMFT, LSW, Addiction Counselors, Addiction Therapists, Addiction Professionals) gain new Recovery Coaching clients, Intervention Clients, branch out on your own or learn a new skill. As drug and alcohol treatment centers, therapy professionals, behavioral techs and drug and alcohol treatment facility staff, you want the most comprehensive and up to date training available. All of our CEU’s are good in any state and we will Nationally Certify you so that you can cross state lines! We meet all CIP requirements in PA and we offer 6 months of clinical supervision.

If you already have a private therapy practice, or are just starting out, adding a Recovery Coaching Certification, Sober Coaching Certification, Addiction Coaching Certification, Intervention Certification, Family Coaching Certification, Food Addiction Certification, Anger Management Certification, and other services to your practice can increase your clientele base and revenue quickly and effortlessly. If you are working for a drug and alcohol treatment center, and want to branch out on your own, we offer Intervention Certification, Recovery Coaching Certification (Levels I and II), Business Branding, Family Recovery Coaching Certification, Anger Management Courses and Case Management Courses.

Our Recovery Coaching Training program and Intervention Certification Program are held via webinar (LIVE virtual classroom) or LIVE in person in select cities.

Calendar of courses:

Core Skills Addressed in ALL classes:

1. Evaluation of the proper clinical approach

2. Analysis of correct Case Management Skills

3. Clinical problem solving in unexpected situations

4. How to increase your income

5. How to market yourself

6. How to expand your clientele base

7. Legal and Ethical Concepts

8. All contracts that you need to get started.

Call Cali at 1.800.706.0318 to get $300 OFF any course with 16 credits or higher


Gambling Addiction and Gaming Addiction – 800.706.0318 – The Addictions Academy ™

Nationally Certified Gambling Addiction Coach (NCGAC) A …



Boutique Mobile Rehab | Private Therapy – Cali Estes – The Addictions Coach – 800-706-0318

800.706.0318 Mobile rehab for drug and alcohol issues. Private therapy and one on one Addiction Coaching from a holistic non 12 step approach. UNIQUE. Tailored to client


Concierge. Private. Confidential. Best of Miami 2013. We handle drug addiction, anger managment, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, food addiction. Call today. 1.800.706.0318. We come to you.   

Master Addictions Coach – 800.706.0318 – The Addictions Academy ™

Nationally Certified Master Addictions Coach with NAADA …


The Addictions Academy offers Master Addiction Coach Certification. Get Certifed Today.  Call 1.800.706.0318

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Chateau Marmont is where you go to party, Los Angeles Sober Coach is where you come for cleaning up the mess.


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NFL Sober Coach | 800.706.0318 | Cali Estes Sober Coaching


DEA and  NFL….sober coaching at its finest.  Cali Estes, The NFL Sober Coach. 1.800.706.0318 we specialize in retired and current team players.