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Certified Recovery Coaches and the No Judgement Zone

Certified Recovery Coaches and the No Judgment Zone

Having worked with 1000’s of clients, it has become blatantly obvious that there is more than one method to get clean and sober.  At The Addictions Academy, we support ALL pathways to recovery. When we train our coaches, we require that they are able to offer multiple pathways to help their clients.  This means ‘by any means necessary’ and a good coach will want to learn that. A GREAT recovery coach will offer that to all their clients. Like Planet Fitness, we are the ‘No Judgment Zone’. This means that as a GREAT Recovery Coach we are able to offer different progressive services to help our clients. New (and some not so new) pathways include Ketamine, Ibogaine, Medial Marijuana, controlled drinking, Medically Assisted Therapies like suboxone, methadone, or clean needles.

For a certified recovery coach to only offer their clients one method or pathway — such as only complete abstinence, this can be a dangerous thing. If this method does not resonate with the client, he or she will turn away from the help and possibly die. As a progressive society with so many scientific models and methods to recovery, this is no longer acceptable. In fact, if a coach only employs this method, he or she is downright dangerous in the industry. While it works for some, it is not the only or the ‘best’ method. Each recovery pathway is individual in nature and needs to be respected as such.

Now, if you are a sponsor and doing service work, and this is your pathway to sobriety, by all means, keep doing great work.  If it is working for you, keep doing it! Just note that not all clients will follow this path and that is 100% TOTALLY OK. Why? because this is THEIR journey, not yours, and we need to honor that and assist them along their path. 

As an addictions specialist (named the Female Dr. Drew on the red Carpet in 2017), I am keenly aware of how my clients recover. Some can drink responsibly. Yes, that is right. I have clients that used cocaine or heroin and did not overindulge in alcohol that can have a glass of wine with dinner and not ‘go off the rails’. Now if alcohol was your drug of choice, that probably won’t work for you and you need to quit totally. But hey, some people simply can manage it because it was never really their main drug of choice.

I even have clients that quit alcohol or heroin using medical marijuana. AND this is 100% totally OK. You know why? Because it is NOT my place to judge them or demand they follow any one specific method or path to recovery. Why do you think abstinence-only Minnesota Model addiction treatment centers that only offer this pathway have a high failure rate?  Because this is not everyone’s path.

We know it and honor it at The Addictions Academy.

Please join us on our path to help everyone recovery, no matter their chosen pathway to recovery. We are here for them in their time of need.

Thank you for the work that you do,

Dr. Cali Estes,

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