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Chicago Sues Drug Companies for Addiction Problems | The Fix

The nation’s third-largest city joined two California counties in laying blame for opioid addiction at the feet of Big Pharma.

Cali Estes‘s insight:

The Addictions Coach and The Addictions Academy are pleased that somone is realizing the Big Pharma companies are peddling drugs into the system with no discern or care. If the Big Pharma drugs with all these side effects were slowed down and the MJ laws laxed I bet…..the ‘war on drugs (EPIC FAIL) would not be needed.  Doctors convince you that you need it, you buy it and wham you are hooked. Now to get off of it you need more drugs…..intential. We are here to teach you ho to help others caught in the Big Pharma web.  1.800.706.0318     

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