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Do You Have a Calling to be on the Front Lines for the Battle on Addiction?


You probably have seen the show Intervention and thought you could be an addiction interventionist as a career. Maybe you wanted to be a certified interventionist but didn’t know where to start or what training program would be the best fit for you?  Maybe you are a business outreach developer or marketer for an addiction treatment center and want to have some true credentials behind your name and some tips and tricks to help get people into treatment. Read on.
Do you have a calling to be on the front lines for the battle on addiction? And when we say front lines, we mean it! Intervention is one of the most important and crucial points in an active addict’s process of getting clean and sober and staying clean and sober. Once a drug intervention or alcohol intervention is needed there is only two ways things can go.
1. The active addict will listen, accept the help being offered, and stop using drugs and alcohol while entering into any form of help recommended by the interventionist.
2. The active addict may ignore everything the top interventionist is recommending and reject the help being offered and threaten to continue their destructive lifestyle of using drugs and alcohol.
This second scenario is definitely a life or death decision.  An addiction intervention expert can sway the client in the right direction, one of hope and good health. But how do you do an intervention?  At The Addictions Academy we offer the exclusive RAAD model and you probably heard a lot of our students talk about the trash bag verses suitcase concept and a way to put the client in the drivers seat to feel empowered not cornered. In our experience (we trained over 7000 people in 23 countries in 7 years) we are able to teach you how to be a top interventionist and get great results and save lives.
If an active addict initially rejects the help an interventionist is offering, this is where only the top trained certified interventionists will succeed in saving the addicts life. We here at The Addictions Academy have been certifying the best top certified interventionists in the addictions industry for close to a decade now and The Addictions Academy name on your future certification carries major weight in the recovery community!
So what are you waiting for? Call us today at 1-800-706-0318 to reserve a seat in our LIVE class here in BEAUTIFUL Miami, Florida on April 25th-27th. Seats are going fast so don’t hesitate to reserve yours now!  Register online at https://theaddictionsacademy.com/product/nationally-certified-advanced-clinical-intervention-professional-live-in-miami/
You can also visit our company website at http://www.theaddictionsacademy.com to view our testimonial page to hear from the hundreds of those who have used certifications from The Addictions Academy to further their careers and strengthen their own companies. So if you want to set your own hours, cap your own workload and travel the world while making a difference and helping those in need this is the certification for you!
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