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Don’t Lose Clients! Your Staff Needs AMA/APA Block Training!

We professionally train your staff to keep your clients from leaving treatment early against medical advice.  (AMA)


In anything we do in life, we value the work that we put into accomplishing our goals. Anything of value takes a lot of time, skill, effort, patience, and knowledge. So it would be completely ridiculous and counterproductive to have all of your precious hard work and effort be for nothing.

This is what happens to addiction treatment centers when they put in so much time, effort, skill, and patience to intervene and convince a struggling addict to stop his or her destructive active addiction and come to your program to change their life for the better, but then just leave against medical advice. Some interventions take hours, days or even weeks to convince someone to accept the help your facility has to offer. So you can imagine what a let down it would be to watch that very same client walk right out of your facility without successfully completing the program.

We here at The Addictions Academy 1-800-706-0318, know first hand, what a waste a client leaving the program against medical advice(AMA) can be. It is a huge waste of man power, man hours, company finances and most importantly, the client’s future. That is why The Addictions Academy has developed and is offering it’s AMA/APA BLOCK TRAINING. We focus so much on getting the client through our doors to get the help they need and we tend to forget how hard it is to keep them in your program for the duration. This AMA/APA BLOCK TRAINING will give your staff all the essential skills needed to successfully block those who are wanting to leave against the advice of your staff. Please call us today to enroll in the next available AMA/APA BLOCK TRAINING class.

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