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Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Academy Gives you the Gift of Education!

Happy Holidays from The Addictions Academy!


Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Academy come bearing gifts! Do you desire to help others recover from addiction to drugs and alcohol or mental health problems? If you’ve seen the 30 plus classes that The Addictions Academy has to offer, and become interested, now’s the time to enroll in The Addictions Academy’s Self-Study courses in order to claim this limited time offer!
Through the month of December, The Addictions Academy is knocking the price of Self-Study Courses from $999 to $499, that’s $500 off! Not only that, but if you buy a Self-Study course, you also get a 7 Week Marketing Course, valued at $999, for only $199! That’s right, $800 off 7 weeks of Marketing Courses! With this limited-time deal, you get a packaged valued at $1998 for only $698! That’s $1,300 off!

Top courses include Neuro-Health Coach to help get your struggling loved one into the best treatment for them if they are struggling with mental health including addictions and mental illness of any kind. Also included is Food Addiction Coach, you can help others recover from eating disorders on either end of the spectrum. Nutritional Recovery Coach is another included course in this deal. As a Nutritional Recovery Coach, you can help your loved one this holiday season get on the right track with their not so healthy eating habits, and lead them to a happier healthier life!

This is not only The Addictions Academy’s gift to you, but also a gift you could give to a loved one in need of help recovering from addiction to drugs and alcohol, or one struggling with mental health. Let this holiday season be the greatest change in someone’s life, as well as yours! Don’t miss this limited-time opportunity, and take advantage of the gift of giving, Happy Holidays!  Call our team at 1.800.706.0318  ext 2


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