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Dr. Cali Estes and the fraudulent scam solution

Dr. Cali Estes and the fraudulent scam solution

The addiction treatment industry is riddled with  tons of scams and fraudulent activity. What happens when  you encounter fraud in the addictions industry? We see all the headlines… this CEO has suddenly done something horrific, or scammed a client or the insurance company. What happens if the addictions counselor slept with his client? A lot of people in the addictions treatment industry started out as addicts that were scammers, and frauds in their real lives. Maybe they stole money, or goods, maybe they sold drugs or even went to prison and are now working in the addiction space.

Dr. Cali Estes has set out to clean up the addictions industry. Diligently paving the way for 10 plus years, she has trained over 37,000 students in 27 countries and has a full faculty all over the world. Doctors, attorneys, therapists and master coaches make up her team of professionals and ethics is the top priority of the team.

So what are the scams and frauds that the addiction industry has seen? Here are just a few of the more recent headlines…none of these were students of The Addictions Academy. 

Our first star pupil is David Brown, a licensed counselor and sober coach. He was accused of raping a client. Story HERE . Not only VERY unethical to have a client stay in your home, but to trade sex for coaching is a crime.

Here is a CEO, David Marlon, that was accused of sexually abusing a former patient, now a staff member (that in itself is always an ethically bad idea, to hire a former a client, but drug and alcoholic addiction treatment centers do it all the time. See that article HERE

Sometimes the scam and fraud involves billing an insurance company more than allotted, or for urine tests, or even clients that weren’t in the facility. This article covers all the scams and fraud that occurs in this industry. Click HERE to see the list of scams and frauds that people will go to get extra money. Baffled yet? Well, when you take reformed liars, thieves and drug addicts and hand them a company or a way to make quick cash, this is what happens. They lose their moral compass.

This CEO hired fake and fraudulent doctors to work for him and treat patients.  Click HERE to see what John Derek Haines did that was scamming other patients and providing  fraudulent services. imagining having a fake doctor trying to diagnose you.

So what is the solution? To stop fraudulent activity  in the addiction industry, Dr. Cali Estes has created a comprehensive ethics and legal course that educates each person in the addictions treatment industry on what is legal and what is ethical.  Everyone should take this course and we even offer it FREE to addiction treatment centers and those that buy our courses, as it is included n every course.

We haven’t even covered body brokering scammers yet….we will save that for our next blog.


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