Drug and Alcohol Treatment Sponsorship

Cali teaching at St. Joseph's InstituteDrug and Alcohol Treatment Sponsorship at The Addictions Academy is a must-have if you own or run an addictions treatment center. You have encountered all the recent controversy of patient brokering, other centers stealing clients, issues with only a few centers able to use LegitScript, trouble advertising on Google, and more. You have seen centers offer free airfare, free lodging, and more, and depending on what state you are in, it is illegal and also unethical. We are here to help!

The Addiction’s Academy and Founder Dr. Cali Estes have trained almost 15,000+ people in 9 YEARS, the big question that the newly trained students have asked is ‘where can I refer my clients to’? Well, we are not a client lead generation service, and we can not ethically recommend one place over another, but what if you had a way to actually network with and meet the students that are you looking to place clients directly into your facility? Think of it as a networking event on steroids. Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Sponsorship at The Addictions Academy will help you network and get those referrals the ethical way. We are able to introduce you to 40 plus students per month to direct network with and when they have a clinically appropriate client they can call you directly!

Why spend thousands of dollars to go to one of those big network events only to market to other marketers and treatment centers? You need to target your marketing and we have certified, trained students that are interventionists, coaches, and counselors that want to meet you.  They need to meet you and who wouldn’t want 160 trained professionals that know about your center and can refer directly to you with clinically appropriate clients?

We even offer a Directory Listing and can feature you in our networking groups, for you to gain exposure and branding help. The idea behind our Referral Program is for you to meet and network with active Interventionists, counselors, and coaches as our sponsor.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Sponsorship at The Addictions Academy is not like other educational institutions that offer a sponsor slot at $5000 for a single event that has less than 10 people. We can offer you so much more than that as our referral partner. Call today at 1.800.706. 0318 ext. 2 to discuss what we can do to help you network and meet certified, trained students that are looking for a solid ethical treatment center to refer to. Don’t waste your money, call today.
Here are some of the things we can do for our Referral Sponsorship Partners:

  • Directory Listing in our exclusive directory
  • FB/Social Media Networking Groups for exposure
  • Linkable logo on The Addictions Academy website (You provide website)
  • Inclusion in the Ongoing Social Media Campaign
  • Inclusion in Preferred Providers List for students as one of our referral partners – (Logo, website, and contact details)
  • Inclusion Mailing to all students with their certificate after they complete their class. (You provide materials)
  • TAA Logo Placement in all of your Press Releases, Licensing Rights
  • Email blast to 75,000 email base of professionals nationwide, 6000 first responders, and 12,000 attorneys.
    (Up to 4 email blasts per month) with logo inclusion, website, and contact details.
  • Student email leads list with phone number and email (Interventionists)
  • Warm introductions to all current students as a preferred provider to tap into their lead stream and placement of clients.
  • A promotional video on our directory website to showcase your treatment center with direct links to your site. (You provide video)
    Premium Directory ListingUnlimited Training for all Staff

What is the best way to get clients to my treatment center? Organic referral streams are the absolute best ways to get clients. Counselors, interventionists, recovery coaches will refer to you and it will not cost you anything. A good referral feeder system is key to building a successful treatment business.

How can I get interventionists to refer to me? Going to conferences and offering expensive professionals weekends is long and usually gets little to no results. The organic feeder system is the key to getting qualified referrals.

Why do people leave treatment early? Either the client was not a good fit for the center or was lied to upon admission. With an organic referral feeder system that offering 160 introductions it weeks out and qualifies each client, ensuring the quality of care and proper placement.

What is Professionals Weekend?  A hosted weekend where professionals come to a treatment center and tour and sit in our groups and go to dinner and usually be entertained. It is paid for by the treatment center in hopes of receiving organic referral streams. It is usually very expensive as all air, hotel, and food costs are paid by the treatment center.