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Everyone Wants to Set Their Own Hours, Get Paid What They Are Worth! YOU CAN TOO!


Everyone Wants to Set Their Own Hours, Get Paid What They Are Worth! YOU CAN TOO! Become a Certified Recovery Coach!

hoursThe days of entering into a residential rehab facility and staying there as the only way to get clean and sober and stay clean and sober are over. Times are changing and so are the avenues we take to stay clean and sober. Also gone are the days of expensive schooling only to top out at $45k to $50k in a revolving door residential rehab facility.

What if I told you that in a few short weeks you could become a certified recovery coach and be well on your way to earning upwards of 150/hr. What if I told you that you would dictate how many clients you see daily. What if I told you that you would be setting your own hours and could work as little or as much as you like. Well this is all a reality here at http://www.theaddictionsacademy.com 1-800-706-0318.

We here at The Addictions Academy are offering a Recovery Coaching 1 and Recovery Coaching 2 class that gives you the essential skills to become a top certified recovery coach in your area.

After becoming professionally certified through us, you will be able to start building your own business and your own client list. Our classes and program cost covers all material, books and certifications and we are the only Academy who offers Recovery Coaching 2.

Please call us today at 1-800-706-0318 to get information on how to get started in our Recovery Coaching program. Also click on the web link above and watch the hundreds pf testimonial videos of those who have started a great career after using The Addictions Academy for their certification process.


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