Amalia SperoAmalia Spero is a nationally certified addiction recovery and life coach, intervention professional, and a sober companion and safe transport. She received her certification at The Addiction Academy. She is the partner of a sex addict.

Amalia’s training and experience allows her to work with diverse clients (English or Spanish speaking) and scenarios that adapt to the needs of her clients. When a client works with Amalia she helps them become aware of what’s getting in the way to achieving big results. According to Amalia, the secret to achieving big results is to change the way you think. “If you change your mind, you can change your results; if you change your mind you’ll change your life.”

“My purpose in life is to help my clients become who they really are meant to be and achieve their freedom.”

Amalia’s brings more than fifteen years of experience in corporate and K-12 educational roles in the area of bilingual education and organizational development. She holds a B.S.E in Industrial Engineering as well as a Master’s in Organizational Development and Leadership. She has taught since 2000 and has been teaching online since 2017.

She enjoys working with women, parents, families and will work with any clients who she believes is a good fit. She also demonstrates the ability to work collaboratively with her clients and colleagues. Amalia has a positive outlook and a good sense of humor. She is a reflective practitioner and is always seeking new ways to improve her self to help her clients.