Chloe Sutherland is a Nationally Certified Life & Recovery coach, specializing in sexology. Sex never came with a manual and it was supposed to be the most natural act on earth, and yet so many individuals and couples struggled to achieve healthy intimate sex, which led her to study sexology and the anthropology of sex, as well a s sexual fetish. She has been behind the scenes of marketing and directly on the front lines helping people who struggle with sexual intimacy and betrayal trauma.

Chloe Sutherland has helped clients gain an understanding of their triggers while moving clients beyond active addiction into active recovery. Chloe believes trust, honesty, and communication are key foundations for a relationship to build from. Without these foundations, healthy, passionate, sexual intimacy is hard to achieve. Chloe helps couples learn to have passionate, intimate, and healthy sex with one another in their recovery journey from sexual addiction and betrayal trauma. Chloe believes there’s no better place to put your energy than putting it into making your marriage thrive.