Claude Ouellette is the author of Understanding Is Everything (a practical guide to self-betterment) Having grown up in a drug-addicted dysfunctional family, he knows first hand the direct mental, emotional, and physical damage this type of environment can bring to oneself.  A twelve-year-old school drop out and a criminal by the age of fourteen, he is a living testament to breaking the chains of the term, “product of your environment.” As a convicted felon, facing fifteen years in Florida State Prison, Claude began his journey to self-betterment. Behind cold, steel walls he decided to break the chains of a former generation.  “You only do what you know, until you learn something different.”  Claude spent the next fifteen years taking self-help classes, business courses, trade courses, substance abuse classes, and life reentry classes. Finally, at 35, Claude was released from Florida Maximum Security Prison. He quickly set his long-awaited dreams into motion by using social media platforms to motivationally speak to those who may need a new perspective on life.  A lesson he wished he would have been told before it was too late.