Dr. Douglas Weiss

doug-weissDr. Douglas Weiss is a Licensed Psychologist and the Executive Director of Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As Director, Dr. Weiss maintains a number of counselors, support groups, 3 and 5 Day Intensive workshops. Dr. Weiss is also the President of the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT). Dr. Weiss is a frequent guest in the national television, radio and print media and a prolific writer on marriage, addiction and self help topics pertaining to Intimacy in marriage, singlehood, men’s and women’s issues and recovery from addiction. He is an international conference speaker on healthy marriages, men’s sexual integrity and youth purity.


Oprah Winfrey Show
Dr. Phil
Discovery Health
Good Morning America
The Montel Williams Show
48 Hours
Fox News


USA Today
Marie Claire
US News and World Report
Seven Magazine


Married and Alone, 2013
Miracle of Marriage, 2011
The 30-Day Marriage Makeover, 2011
Intimacy Anorexia, 2010
The Ten-Minute Marriage Principle, 2007
The Power of Pleasure, 2007
Get a Grip, 2007
7 Love Agreements, 2005
Beyond the Bedroom, 2005
Sex, Men and God, Book, 2002
Intimacy, 2001
Partners, 2001
She has a Secret, 2000
The Final Freedom,1998, 2008

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