Jonathan Williams Jonathan Williams is a nationally certified sober companion and recovery coach who currently works with substance abuse clients across the country. Having experienced addictions from multiple perspectives, Jonathan is passionate and devoted to assisting his clients in achieving and maintaining their sobriety and recovery. He is known for his big heart with a willingness and desire to help others. Jonathan is the co-founder and managing member of a bed and breakfast that houses and provides on-site chaperones and accommodations to individuals with a history of substance abuse in Louisiana while they receive treatment at an affiliated wellness center.
Jonathan is alumni of Grand Canyon University with an undergraduate degree in Applied Management and a Master of Science in Leadership with an emphasis on disaster preparedness. Jonathan has extensive practical application of conflict resolution and critical incident management due to a decade of experience as a law enforcement officer from 2004 to 2014. Jonathan also served in the U.S. Air Force after 9/11. After his law enforcement career, Jonathan managed financial institutions before choosing to return to his true calling – a career more focused on helping others when and where it really matters.