Kelly Hatcher

Kelly has spent the past 30 years working and supporting children and their parents. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Education and her Master’s in Counseling. Kelly is a single mom and has two boys. Her oldest has been struggling with substance use for the past ten years. She spent many years thinking she was helping her son while her world around her was falling apart. After trying everything from loving, tough love, enabling, and boundaries she kept giving in to, she finally found a Family Recovery Coach that helped her understand what she was and wasn’t doing correctly to help her son. Once she learned the various tools, her relationship with her son and with herself changed completely. Kelly became a Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach and Interventionist through The Addictions Academy and started her own business at New Day Family Recovery. She now helps families who are working through their own recovery in this family disease. The first step she uses is helping the family realize the thoughts they have can create havoc or help them through their struggles in this addiction process. Feeling empowered and capable of taking on the obstacles that will happen in addiction can change the way they see, work and, handle this disease.