Patrick Kullman

Patrick Kullman is a recovery advocate from Louisville, Kentucky. He is a nationally certified Interventionist and a member of the recovery community.
Patrick’s passion and experience in the field of drug and alcohol recovery is ever-growing. He has dealt with and overcame trials of addiction and mental health in his own personal life and in the lives of close loved ones. This first-hand experience only intensifies his desire to help others to live a life of recovery- not only for the addicted person but also for their loved ones. He fully believes in giving back to others and wishes for everyone to have a taste of life free from the pain of addiction. Addiction is a family disease, and -as such- necessarily involves family members.
He started his journey in the field of recovery at an entry-level position in a start-up treatment center. As the company expanded, so did he. He quickly worked his way through the many different levels of management. He served as the Executive Director of a 64-bed inpatient drug and alcohol treatment facility. Patrick then went on to implement various types of treatment services and programs throughout the nation in locations including Oklahoma City, Indianapolis, Carmel, Louisville, Lexington, and Las Vegas.
Patrick has been a certified interventionist (by the Addiction Academy) since 2018. He has performed hundreds of interventions in the greater Louisville area, helping not only the addict get into treatment, but also help the families to find the recovery they deserve as well. His multitude of different clients does not start and stop with the addict, rather includes everyone surrounding that person that also endures the struggles fabricated from the disease.
“I believe that individualized treatment should be a standard, not a marketing term. Recovery should be as unique as the people that we serve. There is no greater gift than to watch the family begin the healing process together. My goal is to catapult each individual member of an addicted family into a successful recovery based upon an undeniably positive quality of life.”