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Failure to Launch Syndrome: What You NEED to Know So Your Children Can Succeed

Failure to Launch Syndrome: What You NEED to Know So Your Children Can Succeed

failure to launch

Failure to Launch is the term that we use to describe kids (teens to mid-thirties) that are struggling to understand how the world works and be productive.  We have seen terms like “helicopter parenting” or “lawnmower parenting” and now “snowplow parenting” and in the end, the kids simply can not adult.  They can not hold jobs (or they quit, don’t show up, or just don’t do the work).

The reasoning behind this from the kid’s point of view is that they want meaningful work that provides value, but they also want their $5.00 a drink Starbucks and no money worries. This is where mommy and daddy step in and assist. They make all the kids problems and obstacles simply ‘go away’. The kids do not understand struggle or failure and end up feeling lost and incomplete. Some just don’t leave the nest, some turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to deal with the hurt and rejection they are now experiencing for the first time, usually in their 20’s. Some just stay living at home and at 33 sue their parents (did you see that kid?) because they wanted him to move out.

At Fix Failure 2 Launch and The Addictions Coach we have seen everything from mommy and daddy paying for cars and all bills, to creating resumes, filling out job applications, college applications and evening doing their kids homework. Removing obstacles and failure from a child’s upbringing is what adds to the Failure to Launch syndrome. Is it lack of parenting? Is it bad parenting? Is it over parenting? Well, it is a combination of all of it and a desire to make sure your kid succeeds or achieves the goals you have in place, but the kid falls flat and fails.

That is why we are here.  We can help you get your child on the right track and moving towards success. Our exclusive programs called Launchpad and LaunchpadXpress can assist. We are at www.fixfailure2launch.com and https://theaddictionscoach.com/launch-pad-xpress/ read more in the USA Today article below:


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