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As A First Responder, What Can YOU Do to Help with the Addiction Epidemic?

As A First Responder, What Can YOU Do to Help with the Addiction Epidemic?

Join Us For Our FREE Addictions Training for First Responders class and Find Out!

Thursday, September 22, 2016 LIVE in Manahawkin, New Jersey.



The Addictions Academy is offering a specialized course focused on treating fire fighters, paramedics, police officers and first responders, including trauma nurses and doctors, even teachers, in addiction education and intervention techniques.

Dr. Cali Estes, of The Addictions Academy, has teamed up with Officer TJ McWain, a Police Officer in New Jersey, to design a course specific to the unique needs of their team and also those in the helping professions.

“Our First Responder and Helping Professions Intervention Training is like no other on the market,” Dr. Estes said. “We saw a need for this type of training because as a culture we tend to want to ‘End the War on Drugs’ by throwing people in jail and that simply isn’t the answer. We wanted a solution so we created a training program to educate and offer solid services.”

The Addictions Academy offers a unique intervention strategy that focuses on the client and the process of using body language and overcoming objections to get the client into treatment. They have coined it the RAAD model and because it is a direct approach, it is especially effective with the opiate population. Therapists, doctors, those in recovery, moms of addicts, and others wanting to learn how to get someone into treatment have taken their classes and applied the techniques learned in everyday life.

“Traditionally, law enforcement was limited in how we can handle these situations,” Officer TJ McWain said.  “We could give them phone numbers to call, drop them off at hospitals or shelters, or put them in jail. Early in my career, I recognized that these methods weren’t working and that I would continuously come into contact with the same people over and over again.”

Officer McWain found The Addictions Academy when he was searching online to find a solution to the problem and discovered Dr. Cali Estes and her teachings of Intervention. He signed up for six classes to vet the program, all pro bono and loved what he learned. After he brought it back to his Department, it was decided that the NJ Police Force would host different trainings through their various departments.  Their last training had over 70 officers and First Responders in attendance.

“I completed the training to obtain my National Certification as an Interventionist Professional,” Officer McWain said. The class was absolutely perfect for my purposes and opened my eyes to the psychology of addiction. The class was invaluable and provided me with insight on how to recognize when someone may be ready for treatment (or how to make them ready) and what resources to have ready for when that time comes.”

So far this year, The Addictions Academy has trained the Miami -Dade Police department, Ft Lauderdale Firefighters and Paramedics and the First Responders in West Palm Beach along with some of the police department in Gloucester County New Jersey and their next event is September 22 in South Jersey.

To bring the team to your precinct, please call 1.800.706.038 ext. 2 and prepare for your training. All training is FREE to First Responders, Teachers, Doctors, Police and more.

Dr. Cali Estes

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