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What is Fitness in Recovery and who the hell is Boris Schaak?


What is Fitness in Recovery and who the hell is Boris Schaak?

fitness in recovery
Fitness in Recovery Coaching is a class offered at The Addictions Academy that combines fitness elements to help people recover, fully recover, from the damage they did to their bodies and not just their mind. Talk therapy is only SO good, you need to fix the body damage and the chemistry damage you did in your addiction.
In The Addictions Academy’s Fitness in Recovery Training Program you will quickly find out that having another tool for people in recovery allows for greater and long-term success. With interactive learning and examples, you will see that having clients implement a routine of healthy eating habits and fitness will help them recover faster and healthier, with a less chance of relapse. This knowledge will empower you in your day-to-day interaction with clients, and in your own personal lives.
At The Addictions Academy, we only use the best, most influential and educated teachers for our classes.  Do you KNOW Boris? He is a trainer for celebs and those in recovery.  Since everyone has a ‘recovery coach’ or ‘sober companion’ following them around like a puppy dog, Boris is able to add more to his services as a Fitness in Recovery Coach and get more accomplished with each client in a quicker time period. Have you seen Brittany’s ‘sober companion’ carrying her shopping bags like a servant? THAT is not what Boris offers. He offers TRUE services in recovery — coaching and fitness.

Boris Schaak, Founder of Sober Fitness, offers you the very best fitness coaching available. He has been working professionally in the world of fitness and holistic wellness for 30 years! Boris battled with his own addiction to alcohol and drugs for many years, before finding his way back to a life in fitness, through working a Twelve Step program. As a Fitness Coach, Nutritional Advisor, and Sober Coach, Boris’ fitness approach connects the elements of fitness and nutrition within the scope of recovery.  

Boris has been a Personal Trainer, Sober Coach and Sober Companion to many people who have had successful recovery, have regained their physical abilities and expanded upon their career potentials, as a result. We invite you to let his experience work for you.

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