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Focusing on Good Nutrition in Early Recovery Can Help Prevent a Relapse


Most addicts have spent years destroying their bodies while caught up in their dark cycle of addiction. For opiate addicts, they have developed a craving for sweets which can cause diabetes and weight gain. Opiate abuse can also bring on a craving to over eat “comfort foods”. These poor habits can also destroy your teeth. For meth and cocaine addicts, they can go days without eating and then binge eat once they come down off the drugs.

This bad habit can causes your metabolism to get all out of rhythm and cause extreme weight loss. And for alcoholics, drinks soon replace meals which can lead to malnutrition and ulcers.

For most, once you get clean and sober your body may still feel run down and broken. This is where there is a huge risk of relapse. As addicts, we tend to self-medicate if we physically don’t feel well, so it is very important to get as much knowledge as possible on how to fuel the body to help it repair itself as quickly as possible.

The Addictions Academy has developed the Certified Nutritional Recovery Coach Training program and teamed it up with our Food Addiction program. You get both for the price of one! Our program teaches how to fuel the body properly after drug and alcohol use. We teach which foods are harmful and can even trigger a relapse. Our Food Addiction program teaches you how to recognize a food addiction and how to move past the over eating and get healthy.

Call us today to reserve your spot in our Nutritional Recovery Coach and Food Addiction Training Certification!  1.800.706.0318  Limited Seating Available.  November 10-11!  Register Today!

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