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Striving for Success? Have The Mindset of a Millionaire!



Realizing that you do not need to sacrifice your own success to be of service to others-priceless!  Recognize your potential, pursue your dream, reach your goal! Feeling stuck?  Visit www.caliestes.com or call 1.800.706.0318

How great to wake up to this! Thank You, Dylan! 

Hey Cali!  I’ve been reading The Millionaire Mind and one of the exercises was to reach out to someone you know who is very successful and whom you admire. You came to mind.

Here’s what I admire and inspires me about you and your example:
– you are driven and committed to your dreams and helping others
– you don’t let others opinion of you distract you from your vision
– you live a life that is authentic to you and your dreams while still being of service and living within society in your own way
– you make a lot of money and are still of service in a big way – thanks for the example that both are possible!
– you are available to anyone – not just those on the ‘same level’
– you are expanding in new directions consistently and you aren’t afraid to try something new
– you are compassionate but also have a good sense for b.s. and won’t allow it to slide
It’s inspiring to know all this is possible!
Peace, Dylan
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