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Have You Struggled with a Food Addiction and want to Help Others who are Struggling Now?

Are you eating yourself to death? Do you know how to use certain foods to boost your mood and energy? Do you know how to create a nutrition plan to optimize your daily routine? food addiction

Are you a firm believer that food addiction is just as destructive as drug and alcohol addiction? Have you struggled with food addiction and overeating yourself and want to help those who have walked where you walked with food and its grip on those who overeat? If you answered yes to these questions then The Addictions Academy and Dr. Cali Estes have the certification for you.

The Addictions Academy is offering Food Addiction Certification on May 2nd and 3rd.  The Addictions Academy and its Food Addiction certification includes the Nutrition Coach Certification, Ethics training and 10 weeks of supervision. We are the only Recovery Academy in the addictions industry that includes supervision in the price of the certification. We are the global leader in addiction coaching certifications and recovery academy training and we are now in 23 countries and 5 languages. Dr. Cali and The Addictions Academy feel that it is extremely important to offer supervision to make sure that the skills and knowledge that is given to you in this certification are being used properly. In today’s addictions industry and recovery community, food addiction is quickly rising to the top of our list of serious addictions that are wrecking the lives of those food addicts who aren’t seeking help for their addiction.

So call us today at 1-800-706-0318 or visit the company website at http://www.theaddictionsacademy.com to sign up and reserve your seat for our May 2nd and May 3rd Food Addiction Certification today! Seats are going fast so don’t hesitate to reserve your seat. Remember, food addiction can cause just as much havoc in one’s life as any other addiction and there are many of those who are struggling with this addiction who need good qualified food addiction coaches to help them with their addiction. Become one of the best by calling The Addictions Academy today!
The classes at The Addictions Academy stem from our Recovery Coaching Academy and our recovery coaching training.  We are the global provider of virtual classroom learning and we offer all our students a way to plug into to our community, network, gain clients and meet new people.  We even offer mastermind marketing groups on how to build your practice and fill your book of clients.


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