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What are the top five reasons to hire an interventionist?

What are the top five reasons to hire an interventionist?

An interventionist plays a key role in allowing the family to take a ringside seat while convincing the person with substance use disorder to go into treatment and get help. The interventionist as a key role in making a 360° turn for an addict’s recovery. A drug and alcohol treatment center may hire a top interventionist to get them into treatment and handle all the tough issues that the family is struggling to complete. It’s important that a third-party that is non-partial to the client assist in the facilitation of the intervention. A Certified Intervention Professional will handle all of the details of transport, insurance preparation, and facilitate the pre-and post-intervention pieces. Here are the top five reasons that you need to hire an interventionist.

  1. A certified insured and bonded interventionist professional has expertise not only personally haven’t gone through an addiction and conquered their inner demons but also professionally with training and certification. An expert intervention professional will be certified from a reputable organization like The Addictions Academy and insured and bonded. When you are interviewing an interventionist to hire to work with your family you want to make sure that they have the proper training and skill set to ensure a smooth process from the intervention into the treatment center. The Addictions Academy has a very specific type of training that’s based on the RAAD model and that allows the interventionist to get the client into treatment quicker and with less resistance. And Intervention can be a very stressful time. And it’s important that your certified intervention professional be able to provide easy intervention techniques to get the client into treatment. The Addictions Academy’s model is like nothing on the market. We focus on doing all the backend work (before we leave the office) with the family and the treatment center. This is the precertification process, so that when we arrive to do the actual intervention with the client, it can be done in a five-hour window. The idea is to offer the client a choice. Our process of offering them a choice makes them feel like they are able to determine if they want to go to treatment or something else. Our secondary choice is usually homeless, and we teach this unique concept by utilizing a trash bag and a suitcase. We allow the client to visually see a trash bag and visualize being homeless or a suitcase that they can take their items and go to treatment in. This powerful visual technique by having the client’s clothing in the trash bag at the Intervention shows them the seriousness and the action step that needs to be taken. We do not offer a closed ended question of will you except the help today that most treatment professionals and treatment training organize organizations use. The reason for this is that a closed and the question allows the client to simply say ‘no I’m not going’ and the intervention is stonewalled. This is why it’s important that a certified intervention professional take the training at The Addictions Academy and be able to close that intervention quicker.
  2. A nationally certified intervention professional will be able to sift through the list of treatment centers that you are currently looking at as a client or a family have a client and be able to make recommendations on the most ethical and most appropriate treatment facility for your loved one. Simply picking a treatment center by calling the 1- 800 number or calling the back of your insurance card is not the way to go. Most drug and alcohol treatment centers offered the exact same services, and they are cookie-cutter programs that are not appropriate for your loved one. A certified intervention professional will be able to interview the treatment centers and pick the correct treatment center that meets the demands and needs of your loved one. For example, most treatment centers say that they offer dual diagnosis, but they are actually not. They are primary addiction and do not have the qualified staff to handle a specific dual diagnosis. A lot of treatment centers will tell you they handle eating disorders and trauma when they simply are certified in trauma informed therapy. That does not mean that the staff understand trauma or can deal with any deep emotional issues. Your certified intervention professional will be to tell you which treatment centers are the most appropriate for your loved one and make sure the correct work is done ahead of time so your loved one does not leave early.
  3. A Certified Intervention Professional can offer transportation to the treatment center for your loved one. It’s much safer to have a third-party that doesn’t have an emotional stake in the intervention. If you drive your loved one to treatment chances, are they are going to get you to let them out somewhere, turn the car around, or make promises they will never deliver. It’s very important to have someone that is in recovery for addiction in the car and driving to the location so that your loved one can talk directly to someone that has been through addiction and combat of their demons.
  4. A top Certified Intervention Professional can help you with insurance verification with each treatment center and make sure that there are no hidden costs. Some treatment centers will check on costs at the end and you’ll end up with a $20,000 bill you were not expecting. A Certified Intervention Professional can help you with verification of benefits and make sure that there are no surprises when your loved one gets to treatment. There’s nothing worse than a treatment center saying that they take your insurance, accepting your loved one, starting treatment, and then calling you on day four to tell you that the insurance is not being excepted. We have seen this on the news countless times with treatment centers dropping loved ones off at a local McDonald’s because their insurance is no longer being excepted for treatment. This is extremely unethical and we want to avoid this at all costs. A certified intervention professional will be able to navigate the insurance benefits and make sure the treatment center accepts your insurance and you know any co-pays and monies that need to be delivered upfront.
  5. The success rate of your certified interventionist is also something you want to ask when hiring an interventionist. Do you want to make sure that your top interventionist has good reviews good recommendations and has a good success rate? Some interventionists charge $500 and some charge $25,000. Do you want to make sure that your money is a good investment for someone that can actually perform the required job. At The Addictions Academy we teach the Johnson model, the invitational model, and we also teach alternative techniques in NLP that will make sure the success rate is higher. A training from The Addictions Academy is like no other. With so many different types of training and ways to hone your skills we are more than happy to teach you many different ways to make sure that the client gets into treatment successfully.

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