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From Honor Roll to Jail Cell: the plight of a frazzled college student

From Honor Roll to Jail Cell: the plight of a frazzled college student.

Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach weighs in on what makes a college student go from straight A’s to drop out. From donning cap and gown to panicking at the last minute and calling in a bomb threat. It had to have been an issue for some time, from slipping grades to partying to possible mental health. Somehow she was able to avoid discussions with her parents about her grades, or she flat out lied to them. She even went as far as arriving with them to the graduation ceremony and appear to be accepting her degree. What causes one to go to elaborate lengths to avoid telling the truth? What causes a former straight A student to lie to her parents and to believe her only option was to commit a felony? Is it bad parenting that she would be so scared to tell them? See the story below and we invite your opinions:

Danielle Shea, 22, of Quincy, Massachusetts, has admitted making the two telephone threats to Quinnipiac University so the graduation ceremony would be cancelled, police said. She faces charges of threatening and of filing a false report. Each charge carries a potential sentence of one year in prison, officials said.
The former honor roll student arrived at the graduation ceremony, wearing a cap and gown, with her mother and other relatives who did not know she had dropped out, police said. Shea told police she “panicked” when her family noticed her name was not listed among the graduates.

About 5,000 people, including the 388 graduates, cleared the area, according to a university spokesman. The ceremony was delayed 90 minutes and moved a mile away to a different campus of the university in Hamden, Connecticut. Police traced the calls to Shea’s cell phone. No explosives were found on campus.

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