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How do I Become a Christian Addiction Coach?

Vance Johnson certified Christian addiction coach

How do I Become a Christian Addiction Coach?

Faith is such a vital aspect of so many lives in the modern day. To say someone can pursue betterment without the guidance of someone of a similar belief system is to dismiss a core component of their thoughts, boundaries, and sense of right and wrong. This only naturally necessitates the existence of Christian Addiction Coaching.

Addiction affects everyone, even those with a strong connection to God. Having a coach that not only understands this belief but shares it and can offer guidance and advice from that lens is a breath of fresh air. Not only that, but studies show that faith can reduce alcohol abuse risk and drug abuse risks, and can “uniquely supply wrap-around care and community”.  However, this naturally leads to the question – what does it entail, and how do I know if I want to be an addiction coach in Christ?

Firstly, when it comes to Addiction Coaching, there are a few subsections – Christian Family Coaching, Sex Addiction Coaching, and so on. If there’s an addiction or related issue, there’s a coach for it. The coaching itself, while dependent on the issue, generally entails building a bond between the coach and the client as well as mutual trust, ministry, and spiritual care, helping clients find their God-given purposes in life, and learning other techniques to improve their lives.

The Addiction Academy provides further information, as providers of 40  Addiction Coaching classes, and 3 in the Christian parables: saying “We will explore the Parables of Jesus. We will look at the tree and its fruit! We will enjoy the light of “The Lamp!” We will talk about “the lost one”, and “The Rich Man.” We will share about “The Birds in Heaven” and its real meaning. We will talk about addiction, the solution to addiction, and the plan to overcome addiction as it impacts the entire family. We will have an interactive test involving scenarios of what you have learned.”

How to Become a Top Addiction Coach

So – now that we know what Christian Coaching entails, it may pique some interest and naturally lead to the next question: How do I become an Addiction Coach? Well, the best option would be to go to The Addiction Academy, a leading provider of coaching certifications, then you’d have to pick a specification. As mentioned, there are three types of Christian addiction coaches you can be: a certified Christian addiction coach, a Christian family addiction coach, and a Christian sex addiction coach. You can be trained for all three, but it’s worth knowing that they aren’t all taught in the same class, and you’d have to take each separately.

The courses are around 36 hours in length, with 10 hours dedicated to the first level of the course, another 10 dedicated to the second level, 6 hours of ethics classing, and finally 10 weeks of online mentorship. The classes are hosted by Kevin Parker, a psychologist with 20 years of experience with addiction, and Vance Johnson. Vance is a former NFL wide receiver for the Denver Broncos who battled his own addictions in the past but would recover and become a licensed Christian Therapist and leading voice in the fight against addiction. Both men are incredibly talented trained coaches who do an excellent job at teaching the ins and outs of Certified Coaching.

Aside from the certification courses, there aren’t many prerequisites to becoming a Christian Addiction Counselor. However, it’s important to stress that that certification is often the make-or-break decision for coaches of any type! Any aspiring coach needs some credibility to their name, and a certification label from The Addictions Academy is a fantastic accolade to add to the list.

Why You Should Be an Addictions Coach

The field is new and growing, so not only are you capitalizing before it becomes over-saturated, but it’s for a fantastic cause. Often beliefs and faith are pushed aside by others who don’t realize just how important they can be to so many people. Making a difference just entails a person taking initiative and becoming the change they want to see. Christians need a safe haven to find the answers to their plights that they might not want to bring to church or share with others in their community. This is where the beauty of religion can truly shine, building community with others whom you may not even know! That established baseline, the core beliefs that connect you and your neighbor, that in-built trust that can be found through faith, this is where you can truly make a difference.

With how often rehab may fail others, with an astonishing 60 percent relapse rate within the first year of exiting, an alternative may be just what many are looking for! Not only that but having one catered especially to them, with personalized and individualized care that’s inherently found in coaching, there could never be a better position to help your fellow Christians amid their struggles.

Finally, there’s the aspect of freedom! Working from home is just what many people are looking for, and coaching is a work lifestyle that embraces versatility and an online format. You would work around your clients schedules and aid them remotely for the best possible care that keeps both you and your client as comfortable as possible!

How much does an Addiction Coach make?

In terms of income, the numbers are comfortably positive. According to ZipRecruiter

“As of Nov 29, 2022, the average annual pay  in the United States is $50,016 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $24.05 an hour. This is the equivalent of $961/week or $4,168/month.”

They go on to state that salaries could get as high as $124,500 a year but are more accurately around the $35,000 to $50,000 mark. Massachusetts, Nebraska, and Michigan are currently leaders in salary for Christian Coaches, and ZipRecruiter claims that the opportunities for “exceedingly fruitful.”

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