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How do I become a food addiction coach?

How do I become a food addiction coach?

First of all, food addiction is the same as any other addiction. People use food as a “crutch” just like drugs and alcohol. People become dependent on food much like drugs and alcohol and they use food to numb their pain and cope with their problems. Most food addiction coaches, like other addiction, have had a food addiction themselves. So now you ask how you yourself can become a certified food addiction coach. The Addictions Academy has the best food addiction certification in the addictions industry today. Our certified food addiction coaches are taking the industry by storm and are working with recovering food addicts and are helping them reclaim their lives and get over their food addictions. The Addictions Academy also has a Food and Nutrition class to train our food addiction coaches how to help reprogram the recovering food addict in a more healthy lifestyle so that they can refuel the body and give them the knowledge, skill, and tools to feed the body in a healthy and safe way for the rest of their lives.

Put down the cake!! The best Certified Food Addictions Coach has had a problem with food themselves or has gotten clean off drugs and alcohol only to reach for cake, cookies, candy and fast food to replace their cravings and addictions to drugs and alcohol. Food has long been the social center of our existence. We eat to celebrate, we eat at weddings, funerals, dinner parties and we all gather in the kitchen to snack when just chatting. This can lead to extremes for those of us with addictive tendencies and we can cub those be leaving how to be a certified food addictions coach at The Addictions Academy!

So are you a recovering food addict who wants a career in helping other food addicts? Or maybe you are a certified sober coach who wants to expand your career and client base. No matter what the case may be The Addictions Academy is the choice for you! Please visit our website and find out what class works best for you in food addiction. Here at The Addictions Academy, we have a live classroom setting in a city near you or you can get certified in food addiction coaching from the comfort of your own home through our interactive live virtual classroom setting.

Please visit us today at https://theaddictionsacademy.com and view our class schedule to find a class that best fits your needs. Call us at 1-800-706-0318 to sign up for your food addiction certification today. Also, you can find hundreds of testimonials from those who have used The Addictions Academy to get certified and change their careers for the better!

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