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How is recovery coaching different from addiction treatment?

How is recovery coaching different from addiction treatment?

Are you stuck in a dead end job? Have you hit your ceiling in both pay scales and advancement opportunities? Do you have the need to help others and motivate struggling addicts to change their lives? If so, becoming a nationally certified recovery coach is the new career choice for you! The days of 12 step inpatient rehabilitation facilities are coming to an end as the new age certified recovery coach is quickly becoming the treatment option of choice for the addictions into street and recovery communities.

What is the major difference between inpatient rehabilitation and recovery coaching? Well, The first major difference would be the fact that recovery coaches come to the client and immerse themselves in the client’s everyday lives, triumphs and struggles to give the recovery process the most like real life action as it can possibly be. The success rate for recovery coaching is extremely high and this is due to the fact that traditional 12 steps based recovery shields the struggling drug addict from most real-life scenarios while they are embedded in the safety of a residential rehab facility.

The recovery coach comes to the client and deals with the drug addicts personal and professional struggles right along with them on an hour to an hour, day to day and week to week basis. The Addictions Academy offers the largest and most successful recovery coaching training program in the addictions industry today and their sister program, The Addictions Coach have sent recovery coaches to the clients in such life surroundings as movie sets, professional sporting events, family cruises and everyday struggles in the Rocky Mountains! There is no personal life structure or professional career structure that a certified and trained recovery coach cannot handle.

Get the top training and education today. Learn to offer services that inpatient treatment is not able to and get better results in the aftercare process.

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