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How The Addictions Academy Is Different From Other Addiction Education Programs


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In the addictions industry today there are quite a few different addiction education providers. Everyone claims to be an expert and everyone claims to offer the best education for the best price. So when we are trying to pick our addiction education provider we need to really peel back the layers of the program or school and really see what the program has to offer us that sets them apart from all other addiction education providers.

So let’s take The Addictions Academy under the microscope for a few moments and talk about how they separate their addiction education program from all others by taking that extra step in many categories.  This puts you in the best spot to succeed after you have received your credentials and certifications.

First of all let’s talk about the wide range and wide variety of the classes you can take at The Addictions Academy. At The Addictions Academy  they have over 30 different classes you can take to better yourself in the addictions industry or get yourself into the addictions industry, if you’re not already working in it.  Nationally Certified Sober Coaching,  Nationally Certified Intervention Professional, sex addiction, gambling addiction and even social media addiction and internet addiction coaching, just names a few of the recovery-related coaching certification programs that The Addictions Academy offers.

The next way that The Addictions Academy separates itself from other addictions education providers is that their certifications are excepted and acknowledged internationally. After becoming certified through The Addictions Academy,it will open the door for you to expand your business throughout the world internationally and work with clients outside of the United States.

The next category has become a hot topic with business people all over the world and that is forming your own brand and attacking the industry with top-level marketing. Here at The Addictions Academy, we teach you how to skillfully brand yourself and company and we also teach you how to stay one step ahead of your competition with new modern state of the art marketing techniques. You will quickly become a top nationally certified professional recovery coach, top nationally certified interventionist or a top nationally certified sober coach, to name a few, once you finish your education with The Addictions Academy and enter into the work force of the addictions industry. Our competition leaves you high and dry once your education is finished, but not at The Addictions Academy.

And last but not least, we really put our money where our mouth is here at The Addictions Academy by offering you the option to learn how to make “six figures in six months”!  This almost sounds too good to be true as any one of us would jump at the chance to gain the skills and knowledge to be able to make a six figure income in just six short months. Yes, it can be done, and all you have to do is give The Addictions Academy the opportunity to lead the way!  So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call us at 1-800-706-0318 or visit our website at http://www.theaddictionsacademy.com To get a full listing of all of the classes and programs that we offer today!

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