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How to Become a Certified Interventionist

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How to Become a Certified Interventionist

Interventions are difficult. They’re multi-layered with a plethora of uncontrollable variables, whether it be scheduling, the client’s condition, the people involved in the actual intervention, the statements, and the emotions inevitably coming into play. This is just a glimpse, but it’s undeniably stressful for anyone to manage on their own. A certified interventionist is a person who can step in and take that stress away from the client.

If you’ve gotten this far, the question is probably less about why should you become one, and more about how. After all, the work they do is unquestionably admirable – helping those already deeply affected by addiction get through the process – but becoming one properly isn’t that hard. However, there’s a wrong way of going about it and a wrong way.

What to Do

Becoming an interventionist can technically be as easy as listing your name and hoping for the best, but there are two major flaws in this approach. One, no one will take it seriously, and two, even if someone were to take you up on the offer, without any experience or training, it’ll just be another overwhelmed person among the many. No matter how emotionally mature or intelligent you are, if you aren’t trained for the position, it won’t end well.

Getting certified is a must in this industry, and while the prospect may seem intimidating, it’s far from that. The Addictions Academy offers an incredible certification course that has absolutely no prerequisites and includes self-study Case Management Training if you’re planning on taking insurance. The course is dedicated to turning each incoming trainee into a top interventionist within its multi-week course span, utilizing the best resources the Academy can offer.

For those unaware, The Addictions Academy is a highly acclaimed provider of all sorts of certifications related to addiction and mental health treatment alternatives. Addiction coaching, Harm Reduction Coaching, Interventionists – their catalog is massive! The company is founded by Cali Estes, an unstoppable name in the Addictions Coaching field who’s worked with some unbelievable clientele, and makes it her goal to ensure that others can potentially do the same. Even going as far as to offer opportunities to some graduates from The Addictions Academy to work directly alongside her.

The Process

The course itself is straightforward and simple to understand. The host utilizes the RAAD model to teach prospective interventionists the essentials of business interventions, family interventions, invitational and surprise models, and a whole lot more. They offer objective facts, some subjective perspectives, and most importantly: the complete ins and outs of the subject.

Luckily enough the host for the course is none other than Cali herself, and she offers her unique insight and expertise to guide each student through one of two versions of the course. If you’re a self-starter, there’s a self-study version that allows you to work at your own pace. If you prefer a more traditional classroom style, there is an alternative deluxe “live virtual classroom” version with live training included.

Aside from the general course, there’s also an ethics course and 10 weeks of call-in or online coaching mentorship with a master interventionist. For those who haven’t fathomed how big of a deal the latter aspect is, this is some guaranteed experience right off the bat! While useful for adding some prestige to your name, it also gives you a chance to hone your skills and round out any sharp edges before doing the real thing. Each client is a very real person going through an incredibly difficult time, so trial-and-error testing outside of such an environment is inadvisable.

After that, you’re done! You get a certification, a job board listing, a directory listing, and a chance to join The Addictions Coach team. From then on you can put your name out there, and start doing some serious good for people who need it.

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