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How to become a Sex Addiction Coach

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How to become a Sex Addiction Coach

It isn’t farfetched to say sex as a concept and practice is considered a bit taboo in the modern age. Heck, it’s been that way for generations and may stay that way for the foreseeable future. However, with the constant delicate stepping and subsequent dangerous practices, there are a whole host of issues that just aren’t addressed publicly because they’re considered just too embarrassing.

Sex addiction is unfortunately a very real thing and the number of people looking for help in cutting down on it is skyrocketing. Whether it be due to intimacy problems in the relationship, cheating, outside manipulation through that addiction, porn addiction, fetish cycling, and so on. These issues have been around for a while, just suffocated by stigma, and they’re only getting worse by the day.

So, if you wanted to make a difference professionally or even learn how to battle your own issues, The Addictions Academy is the place to go! They’re the premiere destination for all things coach certification, whether it be traditional addiction coaching, roles like a recovery coach, or a sober companion, and, most importantly, they offer a course on how to become a sex addiction coach.

How to Become a Sex Addiction Coach

So, what does the course entail? Well, first and foremost, unlike other certification courses there is a prerequisite to taking this course. As the Addiction Academy page on Sex Addiction Coach training states:

“There is ONE prerequisite to this course and must be completed to participate in our Sex Addiction Coaching Certification Program. Our Certified Life Coach Training is included in the purchase price. We also recommend you take the Certified Recovery Coach levels I and II. “

However, that aside, the course is pretty straightforward and informative! There are ten hours dedicated to the Sex Addiction Coach certification course, another ten to the life coach course (if needed), an ethics course that’s approximately six hours, and ten weeks of a call-in/online mentorship program to hone your skills! This is all helmed by two wonderfully esteemed hosts, one Chloe Sutherland – a nationally certified life & recovery coach specializing in sexology – and Savannah Esposito, the founder of the coaching program Knights and Warriors which battles betrayal trauma and sexual addiction.

The course covers things like what it means to be a sex addiction coach, love versus sex addiction, spotting hidden resentments, gaslighting and ghosting, punishment versus reward deficiency syndrome,  and a whole lot more, ensuring each prospective sex addiction coach is fully prepared and equipped for their future career.

This may lead one to wonder – this is all to earn a certification, so do I need this to become a coach? Honestly, the answer to that is complicated. It’s not needed, but it’s highly recommended. It’s like going to a final exam without studying beforehand or going to class at all. Can you do it? Sure, no one’s stopping you! But the question is why? That’s making your life so much harder and leaving you way behind everyone else.

The same applies to certification. Becoming a sex addiction coach entails you putting your name out there, and unfortunately, clients won’t pick you if you don’t have some serious substance or accolades to prove you’re worth putting their trust in! Sex addiction isn’t something to take lightly, and often the best course of action would be one that ensures safety and reliability, and you’ve got to be that safe and reliable pick.

Why You Should Be a Sex Addiction Coach

Misinformation on sex runs rampant in the modern age, and it’s largely to blame on the internet. Harmful lies and stereotypes can circulate much easier than they could before, pornography has set unbelievably unrealistic expectations for adolescents and adults – in many cases getting them hooked to the porn rather than to sex itself – and bad habits are often normalized by those with large followings justifying their poor behavior.

For those who know they’re in trouble, that their addiction controls their life and they need help, it can be difficult to look for resources. Porn addiction is often mocked and made fun of sex addiction is often misconstrued as a lack of loyalty or self-respect, and having word spread that you or someone you love got help for that sort of thing, more times than not people raise an eyebrow or two.

Not only are sex addiction coaches secretive, either available online or through visits, but they’re effective. They not only teach you about your addiction, but they offer solutions and aid throughout the crisis. It’s not an exaggeration to say we need more people like this, especially with more information and transparency on sex coming to the forefront. It’s a way to not only normalize getting help for an embarrassing issue but reassure others that it’s okay, making a positive impact on the culture as a whole.

How much does a Sex Addiction Coach make?

When it comes to information on the salary for sex addiction coaching, a few different resources say a few different things. This is due to a number of factors, whether it be due to independence vs a larger organization, differing titles with similar jobs or responsibilities, location, experience, and so on.

According to Indeed, the numbers can range anywhere from $45,000 a year to $62,000, which is considered an above-average salary. Other sources such as Payscale.com claim the average is around $55,000 per year, and Salary.com reports that the average is closer to $84,000 to $117,000, with San Jose California being the highest-paying area.

This is all to say that becoming a sex addiction coach is an incredibly fruitful opportunity! Whether it be financially, emotionally, or even culturally, you’d be making a difference and staying stable on your end. For more information, The Addictions Academy website has a whole page dedicated to the topic and the course, as well as opportunities, to reach out directly.

TAA used to work with Dr.  Doug Weiss but we have brought the program in house with the only FEMALE instructors and certification has extra topics not found in other sex addiction certifications, including: fetish cycling and online formats like OnlyFans. The most up to date and cutting edge training is here and it is ready for you!

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