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How to get Certified as an Internet Addiction Coach

internet addiction coach

How to get Certified as an Internet Addiction Coach


Everyone’s used the internet before. It’s been the vital center of numerous fields and communication for decades upon decades, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s given us new ways to interact with the world, connected people continents apart, offered opportunities to those who may not have it close by, and has gotten to the point where words like “Google” are verbs just generally accepted in the public lexicon.

However, what’s not nearly talked about enough is internet addiction. Sure, you may have a few jokes here and there about not being able to put down Twitter or Instagram, but it’s never taken as anything deeper than just that: a joke. However, the internet is powerful in it’s influence, and that influence can be felt even down to our children; “iPad kids” and teenagers who are latched to their phones 24/7, it’s concerning! Their online personas and perception become their reality, and it takes over their whole lives. This isn’t even exclusive to them! This is an issue anyone of any age can face! This is where an internet addiction coach could come in.

An internet coach is an individual trained to help clients break away from unhealthy relationships with the internet. Social media, pornography, gaming, shopping – the internet provides a direct route to incredibly addictive behavior and knowing how to break it off is essential. It isn’t necessarily a way to cut it out of your life entirely – after all, the internet is needed for all sorts of vital functions like work communication, accessing funds remotely, or interacting with friends far away – but to develop a healthier relationship and bond with it.

How to Become an Internet Addiction Coach

When it comes to being an internet addiction coach, there are technically three paths one can take. The first and by far the worst in terms of success rate, client base, and overall stability would be entering the field with no training. It isn’t required to actually be one, all it takes is listing under your name, but this is highly unrecommended. The next option – and often the best in terms of value and experience – is getting a certification.

Getting a certification is actually pretty simple depending on where you look. A great start would be with The Addictions Academy course on certified addictions coaching. Not only do you get the certificate, but they also give you experience for up to 10 weeks under supervision, listings, networking opportunities, an ethics course, manuals, discounts on any other courses they may have that’ll interest you, and a direct link to the Addictions Coach team, as they hire from within. They cover topics like compulsion vs need, pornography, gaming, shopping addiction, private personas vs social media, preventable depression, and so on. From then on, you would be officially certified, could list yourself as such, and get a badge/seal to show off as well!

Finally, the less accessible option but often the higher echelon is those who have similar previous schooling in related fields. However, without certification, there’s a chance that those who take these classes would be a lot more knowledgeable on the subject and thus have higher odds of succeeding! To put it bluntly, without a certification, you’re behind everyone else.

Why You Should Be an Internet Addiction Coach

So why should someone become an internet addiction coach? Well, it’s a cause that, while universal, has very real benefits for our younger generations. Internet usage has undeniable links to depression, suicide, anxiety, loss of self-esteem and decreased span for attention or “fuse” when angry. Children should not be exposed to these emotions and rollercoasters so early into their lives, especially when they don’t know the full consequences of what they say and see! There’s no harm in them interacting with their friends at school, but when strangers get involved – especially older ones – it’s a genuine cause for concern, especially with the concerning influx of “influencers” being found out to be predatory.

Even outside of that emotional stake – as important and vital to address as it may be – there’s also the aspect of the addiction itself. We post the best versions of ourselves online for better or for worse, and when anyone is exposed to this, there’s no wonder they become disillusioned with reality. They may feel as though their lives are inadequate, or lacking, or seek solace online to “escape” from what may be an objectively comfortable existence. Internet addiction is an epidemic boiling under the surface of the public eye, mostly because it’s the norm for most people. It’s up to internet addiction coaches to make that difference. Again, it’s vitally important to stress that this isn’t to pry someone away from the grid as a whole but create a healthy relationship with it. Recognize poor behavior and habits and use the internet safely. We don’t need social media, online games, or dating apps, and knowing that is a fantastic first step!

How much does an Internet Addiction Coach make?

An average salary for internet addiction coaches can be difficult to nail down. Yes, there are plenty of positions, but they may go under different names depending on the area as it’s a relatively new field. However, according to ZipRecruiter some estimates hover around the $64,000 salary range, with higher estimates being in the hundreds of thousands, and lower estimates being closer to $56,000.

Indeed estimates the number may be closer to $60,000 as well, but, again, it’s entirely circumstantial. Internet addiction coaches can work independently or under a larger entity like The Addictions Coach or Sober on Demand, their location can dictate wages, and so on. However, it’s still a pretty good position, especially with the remote working opportunity and solace in knowing that your actions positively benefit a cause in need of some aid.

Overall, internet addiction coaching is a position that desperately needs more attention, and becoming one is a noble effort! If you wanted more information, The Addictions Academy is a wonderful resource.

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