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How to get hired as a sober companion


How to get hired as a sober companion

An addict’s mind is a crafty one. If you or a loved one is an addict, you know how true this sentence is. When the addict’s crafty intellect served them well while they were addicted, it can become an impediment to long-term sobriety. Why? The battle to silence that persistent mental addict chatter is difficult to overcome. No matter how determined an individual is to get sober and remain sober—especially in the first year of recovery.


What is a sober companion?


The term Sober Companion means a friend or a rehab who can accompany you to feel like you are in your home. They also help in alleviating anxiety and stress through some methods. Thus, different rehab has their own distinct methods for diagnosing the person. Many companions begin their relationship with rehab to recover from their bad addiction. This is a good place for people who want to live stress-free and recover from their addiction. A recovering addict or alcoholic has to trust and rely on their sober companion.


Companions can also serve as sober escorts in specific cases. This can be useful as a supplement to regular companion services. For example, if you’ve just returned home from a few months of alcoholism treatment, you’ll most likely have multiple follow-ups. Thus, during these appointments, a professional sober companion can accompany you from relieving the addiction to drugs or alcohol. Such types of appointments are scheduled throughout the week.


However, it’s not easy to relieve the addiction within a few days. But with the help of a sober escort, you may feel less worried and more relaxed. They will be by your side during the whole period of relief from the addiction. There will be a point when you feel down after realizing that a buddy you made during treatment has relapsed or failed to show up for a meeting. But if you have a sober companion, then you need not feel uneasy or worried.

How to get hired as a sober companion: You need to get certified, bonded, and insured before you approach places for work. The Addictions Academy offers a directory for you to list your services and work on getting clients. You can also reach out to the companies that advertise online or you can market yourself.

Why is there a need for a sober companion?


Only you can decide whether or not you require a sober companion. However, your therapist or other specialists involved in your care may suggest a sober escort. If they do, it’s a good idea to think about what they’ve said. A sober companion can help you stay on track if difficulties beyond substance misuse complicate your situation. They will help you in recovering addicts and also balance life after a mental health diagnosis.


It’s simply unrealistic to believe that you can live in a drug and alcohol-abusing atmosphere while being drug-free. No matter how strong you feel when you leave rehab, the added security of a sober companion is well worth your time. Especially while considering how hard you worked to get free from addiction in the first place.


How does the Sober Companion benefit?


Having a Sober Companion demonstrates dedication, surrender, and commitment to a new life journey. It takes courage and strength to be modest enough to have a guide assist you or a loved one on this new path. These professionals in the field of recovery are dedicated to saving the lives of those who have lost hope. It’s vital to have someone on your team who is sympathetic to your client’s situation. Below are some of the benefits of having a professional sober companion.


  • A pillar of strength and support for the individual,
  • Always being available, where other friends and family may be unavailable,
  • Such companions are non-biased as well as non-judgmental people who are trained to listen to concerns,
  • They will offer inspirational motivation in order to continue with the positive steps,
  • Companions will help in teaching life skills that may need reinforcing before true independence,
  • It will boost your self-esteem through supporting positive life activities,
  • Help in repairing the broken relationships caused because of addiction,
  • Reduce loneliness as it is considered as the cause of relapse.




A Sober Companion can assist boost the chances of healthy living. They help clients develop daily habits that help them avoid relapse, live effectively after recovery, and make decisions that boost self-esteem and establish wellness routines. Hence, to conclude, a sober companion is best for those who want to be stress-free from anxiety and their addiction. You may contact them whenever you feel like you need a home where you can relax and get all the support. How to get hired as a sober companion depends on how you position yourself online and to your contacts.

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