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Is a Career as a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach right for you?


Recovery Coach

Are you the type who loves to help people? Maybe you are the type to give people hope who otherwise would have no hope at all. Or maybe you just like to see others succeed when they appear to be “on the ropes”. If so, becoming a Nationally Certified Sober Coach or a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach is the right career choice for you. How would you like a career where you set your own hours? Or how would like a career where you travel the world while helping struggling addicts get clean and sober and stay clean and sober? We here at The Addictions Academy have trained and certified Nationally Certified Recovery Coaches who have gone on cruises to the Caribbean with their clients to help them with their sobriety.


So let’s put things into perspective here.

Recovery coaches set their own hours.
Recovery coaches travel with their clients.
Recovery coaches set their own rates.
Recovery coaches can cross state lines (unlike therapists)

These are just some of the positive aspects of being a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach. And let’s not forget the most important aspect of being a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach; that you will be saving a struggling addict’s life from certain pain, suffering, and even death. So just how do you become a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach? You contact the #1 school in the addictions industry for certifying the world’s top recovery coaches and that school is The Addictions Academy. Right now the Recovery Coaching certification class is $1329 and it’s also a buy one get one free certification. This means when you purchase this class you also get a second class that The Addiction Academy offers for free. Our class is offered virtually, so you can take this class from the comfort of your own home or office. We will be offering LIVE classes again as soon as we can. Now, back to how you register for Nationally Certified Recovery Coach Certification. You can head to our website at The Addictions Academy ® – or Call 1-800-706-0318 ext 2 and register.

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