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James Healy shares his experience as a student of The Addictions Academy


James Healy is the host of Recovery Innovators Radio Podcast and Recovery & Sobriety Coach at


James Healy

“The Addictions Academy has allowed me to bring my coaching business to a new level that has just been wonderful and I can’t recommend them enough.”

James is a former high school administrator and he knows education!

“I can really recognize quality education when I see it and experience it. This is the case at The Addictions Academy.  The faculty are so experienced.  They have decades of experience and they are just wonderful to work with.”

“The course manuals are super comprehensive and up-to-date and are a great resource to keep on hand at anytime.”

“If you’re looking to up your game and keep on top of this rapidly changing field of addiction recovery, I highly recommend you check out The Addictions Academy and see what they have to offer, because they have all different kinds of courses and there’s going to be something there for you to really increase your positioning as an expert in the recovery addiction field.”

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