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Make Sure Your Intervention Team is Effective! Train with The Addictions Academy


If you are a private rehabilitation center then you obviously realize that without clients you have no practice. There are only a few ways clients will come through your program and turn their lives around for the better. First, you will have those that realize for themselves that they can’t go on the way they are going and they will walk into your facility and ask for help. Next, you will have  a number of clients who are court ordered by a judge to come to your program or go to jail. And finally you will have those who need a professional intervention by a certified interventionist to be convinced that they need to come to your facility and program to save their lives.

So your intervention team has to be one of the strongest parts of your program to keep the facility producing positive results both financially and for the program itself. If your intervention team isn’t effective, clients will walk right out your front door and either continue to use drugs and alcohol or they will go to another facility and enter another program. So how can you make sure your intervention team is the strongest in the addictions industry? You can enroll them now in the Nationally Certified Intervention Training program at http://www.theaddictionsacademy.com 1-800-706-0318.

We here at The Addictions Academy know how to effectively give you all the essential skills that your intervention team will need to make sure possible clients become present clients. You need top certified interventionists making sure that possible clients are given every reason to enter your facility and program. Remember, your facility is only as strong as its weakest link so make sure that link is fully equipped to do its job at the highest level. So call us today at the number listed above to enroll in the next available class in Intervention training. We have live classroom settings or virtual classroom settings and The Addictions Academy also has group rates for facilities with extended numbers of students in need of training.

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