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By now, you have probably heard of The Addictions Academy, as we are the leading educational institution for certification in Recovery Coaching and certification in Intervention. One of our very popular classes most recently, is our Nationally Certified Sober Companion class. With Covid and addiction and substance use disorder going up 30% and mental health issues going to 40%, it is imperative now that we have more trained people that can provide quality services to clients that need them. Sober Companions are able to travel with their clients wherever they go for support in real-time. They are able to assist their clients and not just with thoughts and feelings, but also action steps and follow through with any treatment plan protocols that may have been put in place by the therapist or treatment center. Sober Companions can be an invaluable tool for anyone that wants to stay sober, but has trouble staying sober in their home environment.
While the idea of going away to treatment for 30 days has been the norm for years, it has a 95% failure rate because the issues at home haven’t actually been addressed in real-time. It’s cute to talk about what your future looks like while you’re in a treatment bubble and you’re ushered from group to group and your meals are provided and you’re in a safe space. The hardest thing you have to think about in a treatment setting is what you’re gonna wear that day and if you’re going to put sugar in your coffee or not. When you go home though it’s completely different because you’re dealing with all of the problems you had when you left. All of the stressors you had when you left, the work environment and the home environment are exactly as it was when you left. Now that the bubble is gone and you’re expected to get out of bed, go to work, pay your bills, cook food, take care of the kids, etc. It becomes overwhelming. And generally, people go back to using drugs and alcohol within 30 days of leaving a treatment center.
A sober companion can absolutely help with this and our trained Sober Companions make anywhere from $800 per day up to $2500 per day, providing around-the-clock services with their clients.

Maybe you don’t feel like traveling with your clients and want to work by phone or Skype? We can actually train you to become a Certified Recovery Coach or a certified counselor where you can work by phone and Zoom, called telehealth, and you help your clients over the internet platform. Helping clients and meeting them where they are is a key for them to stay sober. A lot of times they do not have access to resources because their insurance won’t pay for it so they decide to look elsewhere. Also if the average going rate of a treatment center is $30,000-$40,000 or more per month, it is much cheaper for them to hire a recovery coach or therapist at $250 per hour. We offer both of those trainings and certifications at the  National and International levels.
Our International Master Addictions Coach (IMAC) program is even more comprehensive. It is 125 hours and includes 10 different styles of coaching and 25 weeks of online Mentorship by master coaches. If you desire to be well-rounded and understand all different types of addictions such as food addiction, shopping addiction, Internet addiction, and be able to handle all of those things, we offer that in one platform. This type of platform is thoroughly comprehensive and also includes a marketing program to help you get your business off the ground and your client book full.
With over 30 different classes to choose from, we offer continuing education units and we have been awarded the largest grant in Alaska and Nebraska for training different individuals including first responder training. Check out the video above and let us know what other questions you may have. We would be more than happy to assist you with any questions on helping to get your career started. If you watch the video and have read this blog, give us a call mention it and you will get one free class valued at $999 when you sign up for one at $999 or above. Our phone number is 1-800-706-0318 ext. 2 and the website is www.theaddictionsacademy.com
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