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Is The Marketing Classes for ME?
Well, maybe…….read on….. 
You have mastered your craft. You are trained, educated and ready to take over the world, but you are completely stuck filling your book of clients. You sit at the computer, trying to figure out how the ‘pros’ are so busy and you simply want more clients….or you want more freedom and want to make more money and work less.  THIS IS FOR YOU!
If you are a life coach, recovery coach, Interventionist, therapist, counselor, fitness pro, yoga teacher, personal trainer, business coach, or even in any service industry like hair dressing, or construction, and you know your trade and rock your industry but you want more, THIS IS FOR YOU! 
You know how to provide excellent serivces, but…..
Just one small problem, you need clients and you HATE marketing or you don’t know how to effectively market to get QUALIFIED clients.  Maybe you are at the beginning stage and need help setting up your company or you want some advanced tips and tricks to get more cleints. Dr. Cali Estes and Mr. James Sweasy (of Digitial Influence) have you covered. They will dive deep into helping you get your questions answered, your brand built and your name on the radar. They will disclose their tips and tricks that have built them the authority status they have and help you build your brand and fill your book of cleints.
James SweasyCali and James are both Serial Entreprenuers and have had multiple successful companies. Both overcame addiction, became homeless, lost their multimillion dollar companies and started over. Both are well known and respected in the addiction industry and both are ready to help you climb to the top and fill your book of clients. Both believe that there really IS enough business to go around, that you DESERVE to be compensated for your time and efforts AND working smarter not harder is their mottos.

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What do you GET?
7 videos of a real weekly marketing classe. Watch as as Cali and James cover all aspects of marketing from hard copy to online marketing. We will teach you how to get out of your own way, build your brand or practice,  attract the right clients for your niche and more! We cover how to get clients, what you need to build your brand and how to grow yourself utilizing a team approach. If you don’t know where to start, how to build a company, curate content and get the phone to ring, this is the class for you.
Topics covered:
  • LLC, versus DBA
  • Elevator Pitch (can you pitch in 30 seconds)?
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Social media, the ins/outs Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook
  • Social media personal verses business pages
  • How to post on social media
  • How to make good inexpensive videos
  • Social media posting rhythms and what soft, hard posts are
  • Posting styles and tagging rules for social media
  • Website content
  • Know your value and worth
  • What to charge and when to drop your prices
  • When to PPC (pay per click)
  • App tool kit you MUST HAVE
  • Networking
  • Learning your Niche
  • Blogging
  • The art of the One Sheet
  • How to position yourself as an expert
  • Lunch and Learns, what are they and how to leverage them
  • Speaking gigs
  • How to leverage The Addictions Academy to gain you exposure
  • Writing a book
  • Podcasting and more!

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James Sweasy Click HERE 
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Dr.Cali Estes has been named “The Female Doctor Drew” by the media. She has built a successful celebrity coaching and counseling business and branded herself successfully as an authority on addiction, life coaching and failure to launch

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