Mastermind Group

Addiction and mental health issues are increasing.  We know that 1/5 people suffer from an addiction and 1/7 have mental health issues that hold them back from achieving their goals. That means that there are clients looking for your services right now. Do you know how to market and attract the right client? And if they called, could you close the deal and ask to be paid? So many addiction and mental health professionals are great at what they do, help others. Yet, they have trouble defining their worth and asking to be paid. This stems from the notion that addiction professionals and mental health professionals do not deserve to be paid and should give back while being poor. That notion is garbage.

Most of us start our careers in nonprofit and want to make a difference. We bill for services, hope to get paid and work 60 hours a week all the while telling ourselves that ‘we are helping the sick and suffering’ and our career and dedication are enough. After years of letting our student loans slide, missed car payments, and more, we realize that we want to make money AND help people, and that is what this mastermind is about.  How to make money and help people. Because you can do both.

This is a unique opportunity that will not be offered again this year and is limited to 20 people only.

We will meet biweekly and you have unlimited access to the group and materials. This group is limited to 20 people and only comes if you are willing to invest in yourself, work hard, and want to hit a six or seven-figure income. You will have access to all of our tips, tricks and done for you templates and ideas. Everything you need to succeed is included.  This is a 6 months to 6 figures group.

What do you GET?

  • Bimonthly live 90-minute training and meetings
  • Access to the 7-week video course (value 1997)
  • One Year premium listing on the Recovery Coach Locator (value 468)
  • Website critique (value 3999)
  • Business card and brochure critique (value 1997)
  • Access to additional streams of income
  • Done for you templates (value 999)
  • And more….

Topics covered:

  • LLC, versus DBA versus INC and S Corp.
  • Elevator Pitch (can you pitch in 30 seconds)?
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards (how to make money off your card)
  • Social media, the ins/outs LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, Ticktock
  • Social media personal verses business pages
  • How to post on social media
  • How to make good inexpensive videos
  • Social media posting rhythms and what soft, hard posts are
  • Posting styles and tagging rules for social media
  • Website content
  • Know your value and worth
  • What to charge and when to drop your prices
  • When to PPC (pay per click)
  • App tool kit you MUST HAVE
  • Networking
  • Learning your Niche
  • Blogging
  • The art of the One Sheet
  • How to position yourself as an expert
  • Lunch and Learns, what are they and how to leverage them
  • Speaking gigs
  • How to leverage The Addictions Academy to gain you exposure
  • Writing a book or a book chapter
  • Podcasting and getting on shows
  • Where to market to the top 1% and how to get them to buy
  • How to close the big deal
  • Eblasts and more
  • How to create an irresistible offer
  • Press and how to generate it
  • Tips, Tricks, and more.

Your Host for this Training, Dr. Cali Estes

Dr. Cali is a serial entrepreneur with 6 companies under her belt and a celebrity clientele. She was not born into wealth and had zero resources when she started. She fought haters, clawed her way to the top, and created the largest online addiction school in the world. She is known as ‘The Female Dr. Drew’ and wants to help you to obtain the status she was able to.
More about Cali.

Payment plans available call 1.800.7096.0318 ext 2

The next group states Oct 5th, Tuesday 7 pm EST.