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Why It May Be Hard To Stay Sober After Rehab

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Why it may be hard to stay sober after rehab.

Question: Why does it seem that most rehabs fail when it comes to clients leaving and staying sober?”  Jason F., Naples Florida

Answer:  Cali Estes Says- ” Drug and alcohol treatment facilities are equipped to help people get sober in a sterile environment. They remove the daily pressures of work, kids, spouse, etc. and allow them to just focus on themselves.  The issue arises when the client returns into the ‘real world’ and tries to handle the stressors of their life without the  therapist and staff to run to every time there is a stressor, so the client returns to the drug seeking behaviors. It becomes a cycle.  They end up right back where they started.

That is where we at The Addictions Coach and The Addictions Academy come in.  We offer a service that works with the addict post treatment to learn how life is in the real world and on real world terms.  We specialize in teaching our clients new coping skills that focus on dealing with the issues that arise in their lives as they come up. We offer ways to decrease the stress and  learn how to deal with the issues one at a time, and diffuse the situations. We offer long term care and long term sobriety, on the clients terms.

Studies show that long term sobriety is key in staying sober and working towards the goal of adding new coping skills, lowering stress and handling new situations.  We at The Addictions Coach,  www.theaddictionscoach.com and The Addictions Academy, www.theaddictionsacademy.com can assist you with that.

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