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Mental Health Coach and Nutrition Coach Training

For all those interested in becoming a top recovery or addictions coach, keep reading because this upcoming opportunity can not be topped. If you’re at all interested in the field, you know that coaching certification courses are online and pretty malleable in terms of when they can be completed. This is perfect for many aspiring coaches out there, but some of us prefer a more traditional structured classroom-like learning experience, and finally, our opportunity has come.

Two courses available exclusively on The Addictions Academy will be hosting invaluable Webinars soon that you will not want to miss! The first is for the Nutritional Recovery Coach Certification program, hosted by the co-founder of Unpause Your Life and internationally certified nutritional therapist and food addictions coach Jenny Fontana! This webinar will be taking place from May 4th, 2023 to May 5th, 2023, starting at 9:00 AM and ending at 3:00 PM EST. There, vital information from an elite in the industry will be covered, such as building relationships with wholesome food and the necessity of good nutrition throughout addiction recovery. Included are some hefty bonuses worth more than double the value of the asking price, and the invaluable insight of a highly successful figure in the field.

The second webinar will be taking place from May 11th, 2023 until May 12th, 2023 and it’s for the Mental Health Certification program hosted by the highly esteemed Tricia Parido. As a certified life coach and master addictions specialist with some powerful experience and expertise backing her teachings, Tricia is one of TAA’s esteemed Train the Trainers and a highly successful coach and counselor in California. The webinar itself is designed for coaches that want to understand mental health issues and assist clients before they go into crisis mode. This webinar comes with valuable bonuses and is easily classified as a “can’t miss”.

For more information, visit the Addictions Academy website where they have further information on the webinars and the courses themselves.

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