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MLB to STOP testing for Marijuana


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Well, it seems like all the major sporting franchises have been talking about the issue of not testing for marijuana for a few years now. But with all of this talk about not testing for marijuana, nothing has actually been put into place to stop the testing, until now. Early last week, Major League Baseball announced that they would be stopping all testing for marijuana for all 32 professional major league franchises. However, all of Major League Baseball’s farm teams will continue to test for marijuana and hand out penalties, fines and suspensions for those who fail the test.

Now, the understanding for the farm teams or the minor league franchises is that these fines and/or punishment will seem extremely lenient from what they were in the past or from what other major sporting franchises are handing out. Now, let’s get back to the topic of Major League Baseball NOT TESTING for marijuana anymore. This new development is a major step forward in the pursuit of battling and/or eliminating  opioid use and abuse in Major League Baseball, as well as all other major sporting teams and franchises.

For decades, opioid pain medication has been dished out to all professional athletes like candy in an effort to have the professional athlete fight through any type of pain to get them back on the field and get them producing at top level, no matter what injury they are trying to battle through. And once this professional athlete’s career comes to an end, they are left to fend for themselves and battle through any opioid addiction on their own.

In my opinion, this is such a huge slap in the face to the athlete that put their body on the line for these organizations and franchises only to leave with a good pension and a hell of an opioid addiction! But now it seems like Major League Baseball is jumping out in the forefront to become the first major sporting league to begin to understand that marijuana use amongst its professional athletes is far more than just a recreational drug. These professional athletes are doing the research and keeping an open mind on using alternative ways to battle pain and ailments and this would be by using medical marijuana.

And just as important, the same professional athletes, who may have developed an opioid addiction due to pain medication, have also done the research on using medical marijuana to detox themselves and get clean and sober from their opioid addiction. Major League Baseball had no choice but to stop testing for marijuana and the other three major sporting leagues will soon have to follow suit. Professional athletes are doing the research themselves and are starting to realize that medical marijuana is a much safer avenue to battle pain and pain management than opiates. And we must applaud them for doing so!

So by Major League Baseball coming out and declaring that they will no longer test for marijuana, they are telling us that they agree with the new found statistics and theories stating that medical marijuana is becoming a much safer way to battle and manage pain than the opioids that have been given to these athletes for decades. We here at The Addictions Coach believe in and support the use of medical marijuana for the purpose of pain management and the purpose of detoxification from opioids. The Addictions Coach also works with all the major sporting leagues in helping addicted players and ex players get clean and sober. So if you are an athlete or an ex athlete struggling with opioid addiction or know someone who is, please contact us at our website at http://www.theaddictionscoach.com or by calling us at 1-800-706-0318! We have many Recovery based programs to help with any addiction that might be crippling your life and livelihood. Learn more out our signature Sober on Demand program, where we bring treatment to you, on your terms.  Do not hesitate to call us today to begin your new life of sobriety!

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