Founder Dr. Cali Estes of The Addictions Academy has revealed they are offering full scholarships for their Addictions Recovery Coach, Interventionist and Family Recovery Coach training and certification to any parent of a child lost to addiction.

The Addictions Coach and founder of The Addictions Academy, Dr. Cali Estes, confirmed they are providing free tuition for their Nationally Certified Professional Recovery Coach, Interventionist, and Family Recovery Coach training programs to any parent of a child lost to drug addiction or overdose.

The Interventionist training provides the step-by-step strategies and methods to successfully help people get into rehab or detox, allowing them the opportunity to turn their lives around.

When asked about the Addictions Recovery Coach training, Dr. Estes explained, “Recovery coaching professionals, good ones, are able to delve into the current and existing issues that are holding someone back in life and help them move forward, addiction free. This is about creating the perfect and customized blend of guidance, information, accountability, and oversight.”

Families of an addict are often confused themselves about addiction and where to turn with some of the issues that are going on within the family dynamic system.

The Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coaching course spotlights strategies professionals can use to help families pick up the pieces before, during and after their loved one gets help in a traditional treatment setting.

Dr. Estes recently went on record to say that our current system of addiction and substance-abuse treatment does not always work and that professional coaches and interventionists are needed more than ever.

Explaining the need for an increase in professional Recovery Coaches, Interventionists and Family Recovery Coaches, Estes noted, “The first step towards effective treatment and coaching can be the toughest. And getting the addict to agree to what they see as a giant leap, to accept help, can be a game-changer.”

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