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NBC12 News Reports: The Addictions Academy Announces TWO New Courses!


The Addictions Academy Announces New Courses in Brain Health and Harm Reduction to Provide Addiction Professionals Valuable and Needed Training

Founder Dr. Cali Estes announced that The Addictions Academy has launched  two new Nationally Certified Coaching Courses to help train Addiction Professionals: Advanced Brain Health and Harm Reduction techniques and strategies.

Dr. Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach and Founder of The Addictions Academy confirmed they have officially launched the two new Nationally Certified Coaching Courses to help train Addictions Professionals enhanced methods to help individuals struggling with addiction and substance use disorder.

In the Nationally Certified Brain Health Recovery Coaching (NCBHRC) course, The Addictions Academy will address the importance of rebuilding brain health through holistic neurotransmitter repair.   The course will provide the skills needed to ensure clients with significantly improved outcomes.  This means more sobriety and less suffering.

Harm reduction (or harm minimization) is a scope of general public health policies intended to lessen the unsafe results connected with different human practices, both lawful and illicit. The harm reduction strategies taught in the Nationally Certified Harm Reduction Recovery Coaching (NCHRRC) course are utilized to oversee practices, for example, recreational drug use and sexual activities in various settings that range from services through to geographical districts.

Explaining the need for these courses, Estes said, “Being a Professional today means being an expert in your respective niche.  You must be well-rounded and know all aspects of your industry. Traditional strategies don’t work for everyone, and new approaches are often blended with old to produce the optimum results.”

Find out more about these and other courses offered at The Addictions Academy at https://theaddictionsacademy.com.

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