Addiction and substance-abuse expert, founder Dr. Cali Estes of The Addictions Academy, recently announced a new program teaching her proven and advanced business growth strategies for behavioral health, mental health, and addiction professionals.

Dr. Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach and Founder of The Addictions Academy confirmed they are offering an intensive Advanced Marketing Services Program which will help Recovery-related and Mental Health Professionals successfully market their services to an audience who desperately needs their services.

Explaining the need for this program, Estes said, “The secret to creating a successful brand, filling your appointment book with clients, and helping people is right here using my marketing and business growth acceleration program.”

“I’ve found my students are at the top of their field for what they do, but often successful marketing systems can often be elusive. I’ve spent years fine-tuning my most effective marketing strategies, through failure and success. I’m sharing the secrets to what works.”

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