The Addictions Academy founder Dr. Cali Estes is proud to announce they have partnered with Innovative Treatment Solutions to develop and release The Coach Hub App specially designed for the Recovery Coach.

Dr. Cali Estes of The Addictions Academy recently announced she has been working closely with Innovative Treatment Solutions to develop a new mobile app that is designed to help Addiction Recovery Coaches to better support their clients.

“I am excited and pleased to roll out an app that is great for all Recovery Coaches, Life Coaches, Addiction Coaches, Therapists, and Counselors that will increase their success rate with clients in a real-world environment,” said Dr. Estes.

“We can keep the client accountable at the touch of a button with real-time GPS tracking, push-button notifications, daily reminders, and more,” explained Estes. “This is simply a game-changer.”

The Addictions Academy is the global leader in addiction recovery coach training and certification. Recovery Coaching has proven to be one of the most successful models for supporting people in early recovery. With the new Coach Hub App, the Addictions Academy has taken recovery coaching one step further and now offers a structured path to live support and real-time accountability.

The Addictions Academy Coach Hub application developed by Dr. Cali Estes now brings together the power of people and technology, all designed to connect clients with coaches who care. The Coach Hub application allows clients and coaches to create a personalized program of recovery specifically for each client to fit what supports their journey right on the device they use all day long.

The Coach Hub delivers a HIPAA compliant platform that connects coaches and clients via secure app-to-app communication. This comprehensive solution allows coaches to securely text and launch video and phone calls, all while keeping their phone number private. Structure in early recovery is crucial, and putting that structure in front of clients every day ensures they know what their goals are but still allows for on-demand support from their coach.

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