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NFL under fire by the DEA


  NFL under fire by the DEADEA

DEA investigates the NFL for pain pill abuse. With pain pills being handed out like candy, NFL players end up needing sober coaching and addiction coaching after their career and seasons end. The NFL players are given medications to get them through the game without being fully informed by the doctor of what the meds might do to their bodies or what long term issues might arise.
The New York Daily News reports that the Drug Enforcement Administration has launched an investigation into the abuse of prescription medication in the NFL. Agents are talking to former players about how NFL doctors and trainers treat players with drugs like Percodan, Vicodin and Toradol, all of which players have said they are given by members of their teams’ medical staff. The investigation began after a group of former players sued the NFL, saying they were not warned of possible side effects of taking the prescription medication that team doctors gave out. When that lawsuit was filed, it was easy to assume that the owners could make it go away with a settlement, just as they’ve managed to find a settlement to the concussion litigation that will satisfy most of the plaintiffs without bankrupting the league.

BUT a DEA investigation is very different, and potentially a much more serious problem for the NFL. The players are retired.

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