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Officer TJ McWain shares his thoughts on the Importance of First Responders having Addiction Training

Officer TJ McWain, student of The Addictions Academy, shares his thoughts on the importance of First Responders having Addiction Training. 


My name is TJ McWain and I am a police officer in Southern New Jersey.  As a police officer, I come into contact with substance abusers on a daily basis – and things that often go along with substance abuse, such as homelessness, chronic unemployment, and crimes against property.

Traditionally, law enforcement was limited in how we can handle these situations…we could give them phone numbers to call, drop them off at hospitals or shelters, or put them in jail.  Early in my career, I recognized that these methods weren’t working and that I would continuously come into contact with the same people over and over again.  Often times, I would arrest someone and have conversations with them while they were being booked.  While they all came from different races, genders, backgrounds, and economic status, their stories were all pretty much the same.  Some tried to get help and couldn’t navigate the confusing treatment system.  Some were uninsured or under-insured and couldn’t get into treatment.  Some didn’t want treatment.  Some pleaded with me to help them.  Drug addiction in New Jersey and across the country is out of control and I felt like there had to be something else out there.

While researching a way to actually help find a solution to this problem, I found The Addictions Academy and Dr. Cali Estes.  Dr. Estes was immediately drawn to my plight and, after several long conversations about what would be the most beneficial, it was decided that I would sign up for several of her courses.

I completed the training to obtain my National Certification as an Intervention Professional.  The class was absolutely perfect for my purposes and opened my eyes to the psychology of addiction.  The class was invaluable and provided me with insight on how to recognize when someone may be ready for treatment (or how to make them ready) and what resources to have ready for when that time comes.

I also completed training to obtain National Certification as a Family Recovery Coach, Relapse Prevention, and Individual Recovery Coach.  These courses reinforced some of the information I learned during the Intervention course and offered additional education on specifics related to the course titles.  Furthermore, I was able to use this training to obtain a further understanding of addiction and how to help both the substance abuser and their family work together prior to and during recovery.

I would absolutely recommend this training to all first responders and every individual who feels that they want to do more for their family, friends, community, or anyone going through struggles related to an addiction.  The courses allow you to learn from home in a comfortable setting and the instructors engage you in role-playing and other scenarios that bring the textbook to life.  At the end of your course, you will have exponentially increased your knowledge and ability to help those that need your help and, in that sense, the training is absolutely priceless.

Visit The Addictions Academy or call 1.800.706.0318 for a list of dates and courses available.

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