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Our Young Adults Need Motivation to Succeed! We Need to Address Our Failure to Launch Epidemic.


We need to Keep Society’s “Motor” Running Well

adultsEvery good company needs a strong infrastructure. It needs a collective strong mind, a collective strong motor and collectively needs to be strongly MOTIVATED to succeed. So why should our world, nation, state or community be any different? It shouldn’t! In today’s world there is one glaring issue that is keeping us from being that “strong collective motor” and that is our Failure To Launch epidemic that is sweeping our nation and affecting the way everything important to us is operating.

What is Failure To Launch you ask? Failure to launch is the epidemic where our young adults are not taking the ever so important step from childhood to adulthood. Failure to launch is where young adults are side-stepping the responsibilities of young adulthood to, if you will, remain in an almost childlike blissfulness avoiding all the hard work that it takes to become successful and an important part of society’s motor.

In most cases this isn’t a conscious choice by the young adult afflicted with failure to launch but a learned behavior from their previous generation. Its a breakdown in family structure and responsibility. Now, most of our blogs deal with addiction so you may be wondering what failure to launch has to do with addiction. Well, its pretty simple. If a young adult does NOT have the skills to LAUNCH himself or herself into being a productive member of society’s motor, then where will he or she feel comfortable? You guessed it, in the cycle of addiction!

Feeling insecure and not equipped can lead to extended drug use and a false feeling of adequacy.  We specialize in dealing with failure to launch. We deal with the root problems that breed failure to launch and help LAUNCH young adults into society equipped to be a productive part of society’s motor. Please click on the company weblink below to see the hours of testimonial videos of those who have joined our failure to launch program and became successful members of society!

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