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Perfect LimoPerfect Limo Service, Inc. has been providing quality service to the tri-state area for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on providing quality, on time service. Our VIP clients appreciate our discrete, background checked, finger printed chauffeurs. They are extremely knowledgeable of the area and by far the best assets to our company. We are trusted to transport celebrities, professional athletes and executives from around the world. In addition, brides-to-be choose Perfect Limo for their big day! Personable and professional are our key traits. Some of our more well known accounts include the New York Football Giants, Allergan, Levity Live, Jaguar Landrover, Nobel Biocare and more.

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transform-your-lossIn just moments you could be acquiring a book that may change your life completely. We all go through losses… and we can transform them. In this book you will find the inspiration to use those resources we all have inside of us… This books contains the eleven principles of transformation, which is a system that can help you transform your loss and change your life. It also has 60 stories of different losses, including the author’s story, with a purpose of bringing you a message of possibility… a message of hope. Buy your copy here.

what-the-early-worm-getsWhat the Early Worm Gets: Alcohol Abuse (problem drinkers) and Alcoholism (drinking problems) constitute the top public health and public safety issues in America, to the tune of $250 billion in costs per year. Alcohol overuse is our number one killer and is behind more illness and ER visits than any other aspect of our society including cancer and obesity. As more people join your insurance pool this decade with health insurance reform, the amounts people drink and how they get help – if they need it – ARE your business.

What the Early Worm Gets is a biting essay on the differences between alcohol abusers and those with the disease of Alcoholism from a writer who silently and rapidly hit bottom and bounced off it a few times. It looks at what is the disease and what isn’t, and the difference between treatment and mistreatment. Buy your copy here.

every-silver-liningEvery Silver Lining Has a Cloud: Relapse and the Symptoms of Sobriety: Nine out of ten people who quit drinking relapse at least once. Multiple-award-winning Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud shows why it’s not just once. The startling book explains how and why relapse happens, how to hold it at bay and why every American should care. Sobriety is a state of illness and its symptoms, left untreated, lead directly to lapse. Addressing the Symptoms of Sobriety is essential. Find out:
Why would any sober Alcoholic return to the misery?
What are the Symptoms of Sobriety and how do Alcoholics and non-Alcoholics guard against them?
What four overlooked stressors trip up recovery?
Can you hit bottom sober?
The narrative dashes along peaks of anger, joy, desperation, relief and hope interspersed with solid data on the disease and guidance for avoiding relapse traps. It’s not enough to just stop drinking. Buy your copy here.

fire-to-the-fuelAdding Fire to the Fuel: Challenging Shame and the Stigma of Alcoholism: The third-leading cause of preventable death and illness stays under the radar because of good advertising and bad stigma. Its purveyors are proclaimed as charitable kings. Those who use it and discover alcohol has health and social consequences, are labeled as villains, kill-joys, weak, weird, or morally off.
The stigma of alcohol use disorders, treatment and recovery keeps the discussion of what alcohol does to you behind the wishful-thinking-driven chatter about what it does for you. The tipping point has passed. The status quo: No longer sustainable or acceptable. Award-winning Adding Fire to the Fuel examines:
How families and communities feed public and self-stigma even while the stigma holds them back;
How stigma has become a barrier to many who want help;
How to hang on to sobriety in a pro-alcohol world;
And how PANonymous alcoholics will reduce stigma more than all the protests combined. Buy your copy here.

Lynne holds a Masters in Science in Counseling Psychology.  She studied psychoanalytic psychotherapy four years post graduate.  She also studied yoga, meditation, and whole foods at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.  Lynne is a also certified as an Interventionist for drug and alcohol abuse and eating disorders.  She has been practicing in Doylestown, PA for over 20 years.  Her approach is interactive and personal.  Her goal is to provide a confidential, nurturing and safe environment for individuals to explore their issues.  Lynne welcomes collaborating with other treatment providers as needed.

Extreme Intervention

At Universal Crisis Intervention (, renowned interventionist Evan “Bullet” James and his team rescue individuals from dangerous situations. Specializing in drug interventions and extractions, chronic relapse restoration, sex trafficking intervention, teen transport services, teen/young adult wake-up calls, teen runaway location, and executive interventions–U.C.I. Extreme Intervention offers success where standard interventions have failed

Law Depot

LawDepot™ is the leading publisher of online legal documents, with over 14 years of experience in legal document automation. LawDepot contracts cover a variety of areas such as estate planning, real estate, business, family and financial. Each document can be customized as you need. By answering a series of simple questions about your situation, you can instantly create a custom contract. You can then edit, save and print your purchased contract. Currently LawDepot is offering a one week free trial to all new customers. Visit LawDepot today to get started!

Recovery CoachingRECOVERY COACHING- A Guide to Coaching People in Recovery from Addictions gives readers something that hasn’t been done before: a thorough explanation of recovery coaching. It is the first book on Recovery Coaching, since the field’s inception in the 1990’s. This approach to recovery coaching is aligned with state of the art research and thinking in the addiction field. Readers receive a blend of recovery models, and sobriety tools that can be used by the coach to truly support the person in their recovery process. However, the resources do not stop there, the book gives practical business advice about how to set up a successful coaching practice. This book will be an indispensable resource for the coach just starting out, the coaching veteran and the addiction treatment professional.

International Addiction ServiceWe provide an innovative and personalized selection of addiction recovery services. We are dedicated to those seeking freedom from an addiction and those looking to enhance their existing recovery and overall quality of life. We are Executive Recovery Specialists offering a distinct group of services for our executive and high profile clientele. Families and couples who are affected by and witnessing the self-defeating behaviours of the disease of addiction will benefit significantly from our services and support. Our mission is to help our clients activate a solid course of action that will inevitably lead to life changing results.

One of the most common questions we hear as therapists is, “Do people ever really change?” The question is often asked with a mixture of hope and skepticism: People want to believe that change is possible, but they aren’t sure it can happen for them. However, as therapists, we see change every day. We know it is possible to make change in your life. Not just the fleeting change like avoiding sweets when you are trying to lose 10 pounds; that’s not the type of change this book is about. This book is about making deep, meaningful, life-altering changes.

In this book, you’ll be invited into the lives of real people who made these changes. You’ll understand what they went through and why they decided to change. Each story is authored by the therapist who worked directly with the client, providing a first-hand account into their life. We invite you into these deeply personal stories. Let them inspire you as they have inspired us. Let them remind you that, yes, we can ALL change. The world lies before us, full of Limitless Possibilities…

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private-practiceStart earning what you’re worth… If you are struggling to build a profitable private practice, you probably have a lot of questions about what it takes to break through to six figures, earning $100,000 per year and beyond. • What does it take to earn $100,000 per year or more in private practice? • What is the best way to attract new clients? • What are the most effective marketing strategies? • Why do so many therapists struggle? You CAN be successful in private practice. But it doesn’t happen by accident. There is a specific formula that the most successful therapists use to build their practices. Unfortunately, you probably didn’t learn anything about this in graduate school, which is why it seems so difficult. However, “Building a 6-Figure Private Practice: The Magic Formula for Psychotherapists” reveals the step-by-step formula to follow to earn six figures per year in private practice. Jennifer Sneeden is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Practice-Building Strategist. She specializes in helping therapists build 6-figure private practices. Her “6-figure formula” has helped thousands of therapists all over the country build thriving private practices.

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12steps-logoFamily Involvement Drives Successful Outcomes

Debra Alessandra, author of 12 Steps 12 Stories, helps us begin a long overdue conversation about recovery with children.

Designed to break the uncomfortable silence which often surrounds, not only addiction, but recovery, Alessandra offers 12 short stories; one for each of the steps in a program of recovery. Finally you can explore the key concepts of recovery at a level children can understand.

Follow-up questions continue the conversation. Additional worksheets are also available on her website

This insightful resource provides families, counselors, and other professionals with a unique set of stories to help children feel comforted, valued, and included in the recovery process.

Debra takes a firm stand for the well-being of children and encourages us to not forget the needs of children when recovery blesses a home.

Alessandra has done her part to restore healing and health to families in recovery and stop the family legacy and generational issues of addiction.

To access this unique approach to the 12 spiritual messages of recovery go to

Debra Alessandra earned a degree in Education and Sociology from Lycoming College. A life-long educator, former counselor, and the author of 12 Steps 12 Stories, Alessandra is on a mission to help families navigate the path of recovery together. For further information, visit her website at or email her at

DetoxcaDr. Wall’s Detox and Recovery Prep Program’s Physician Owned licensed and accredited drug treatment program is located in the heart of the Napa Valley. Our drug treatment program features the finest amenities and luxuries the valley has to offer. Dr. Wall will ensure maximum confidentiality, safety, comfort and security during your drug or alcohol detox.

Rimrock Rimrock is nestled in the healthcare corridor beneath the rims of Billings, MT. We are the largest treatment center in the region, serving adults and adolescents with substance use and co-occurring disorders. Rimrock views addiction as a whole person illness affecting an individual’s emotional, physical, spiritual and social well-being. Our program is designed to help people find a balance in their life.

image002 First Steps Recovery is a licensed and certified residential medically monitored detox program on a luxurious, 5 acre ranch in the beautiful foothills at the gate of Yosemite. Located just 15 miles east of Fresno in Clovis, we offer a highly monitored, safe detox that includes:

  • Monitored withdrawal services
  • Withdrawal Protocols
  • Assessment
  • Psycho-Educational Groups
  • Case Management
  • Individual and Group Psychotherapy

To ensure the future success of our clients recovery we advocate for our clients and specialize in coordinating aftercare by partnering with local programs, medical professionals, coaches, and therapist for follow-up outpatient treatment in the greater Fresno and Central Valley area.

Breath Of Life Breath of Life Counseling Services, LLC was founded in Central New Jersey in January 2010 in response to the growing need for highly qualified support for adolescents and adults in the area of substance abuse, addiction recovery and family/couples therapy. We are committed to offering excellent care in individual, family and group counseling. We are currently in our fifth year of serving clients with DWI’s and anger management issues. Two of our staff have recently become Nationally Certified Anger Management Specialist and are better prepared to assist the growing population of Domestic Violence cases in both English & Spanish. We also have a family/couples program that is being headed by our therapist that has over 30 years experience and other master’s level clinicians that work in both individual & group counseling. Please go to our website and send us a message or

The Road Back At The Addictions Coach and The Addictions Academy we recommend solid detox advice.  Please visit: The Road Back Program, Welcome to the Road Back Program, the most widely used outpatient drug withdrawal program in the world, since 1999. We are based in the United States and have helped over 50,000 people to become drug free. The Road Back is a member of California Association of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Counselors (CAADAC).

Boca Bay DUI Court ordered DUI school for mandated education when a DUI or DWI is given. We work in conjunction with Cali Estes to provide the DUI or DWI schooling and insurance component for high risk assessment. We have both level 1 and level 2 education classes.

Kool Livinh Licensed/certified and fully accredited, Kool Living Recovery Center is a highly specialized addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, California. Headed by Nicholas Russi, LAADC, CADC-II, CCS, who has more than 12 years of experience with holistic addiction and recovery programs, Kool Living Recovery has a proven track record that has helped countless individuals kick their addiction to the curb.

For more information on Kool Living Recovery Center’s addiction treatment program, please contact (866) 921-3778 or visit

Lakeview Health Lakeview Health is a nationally recognized addiction treatment program located in coastal Jacksonville, FL. We serve individuals and families with addiction and psychiatric disorders. Patients receive individualized treatment from board-certified addiction medicine physicians, seasoned clinicians and trained nursing staff. Lakeview is licensed to provide a continuum of care from medical detoxification to intensive outpatient, our physician driven treatment program allows patients to successfully move across the recovery continuum.

Moffitt Wellness Retreat Moffitt Wellness Retreat is a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center that is private and unique in peaceful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. You can find us at:  Here at Moffitt Wellness we believe that your addiction is not who your are, so our methodology is to guide you in a program that is based in creating new life style changes.  We are based in the 12-Steps, and begin with medical detox, and then move directly into recovery with fitness training, psychiatric therapy, nutritional guidance, massage, yoga, and activities that include boating along the coast, hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, whale watching, horseback riding, parasailing, and even sky diving!

Eden Hill Recovery RetreatEden Hill Recovery Retreat, located in picturesque northwest Connecticut right outside The Berkshires, is a private, 12 bed transitional living facility for women healing from substance abuse, and co-occurring disorders. Total mind/body health is emphasized while supporting the women with a structured counseling program designed individually to address the specific needs of the client. Eden Hill’s mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for women to adjust to reentry into their home community by providing individual, group, family and holistic therapy, along with encouraging interpersonal skills, case management, and the necessary tools to maintain lasting sobriety. Please visit our website at or call (860) 307-7512 for more information.

Solutions Recovery Drug and Alcohol RehabSolutions Recovery Drug and Alcohol Rehab offers Residential Treatment Program, Intensive Outpatient Program, Chronic Pain Program, Medication Assisted Program and Co-Occurring Residential Treatment Program. Solutions Recovery INC is located in Las Vegas Nevada. At Solutions Recovery our multidisciplinary staff provides customized, intensive and holistic services with special interest and emphasis directed towards the well being of the family. We are committed to providing comprehensive, confidential and individualized treatment services to people with addiction problems. Solutions Recovery staff members are dedicated and compassionate people who always put the client’s best interest in the forefront.

Aurora Charter Oak HospitalAurora Charter Oak Hospital is a 134-bed facility providing treatment for psychiatric and chemical dependency problems. A full continuum of care is offered with a rapid stabilization emphasis for all programming. We proudly sponsor DIG, Cali Estes and her team with offering certifications and courses through CAADAC.

New Beginning's Alcohol and substance abuse recovery at an affordable cost. Our program is a twelve-step model based on the principles of Alcoholic’s Anonymous. New Beginning’s comprehensive program offers a safe and structured environment that promotes change in the individual. Those suffering from addiction will learn about the problem of addiction, the solution to addiction, and the program of action that leads to change. Our simple program will help each individual to implement the solution into daily living. Our program is an affordable alternative to traditional programs. New Beginning is the answer when insurance funding is inadequate or exhausted.

Challenges Addiction Treatment Center Challenges Addiction Treatment Center has a staff of therapists, physicians, and counselors who are experts in drug and alcohol treatment of addiction and have been helping people for the last 13 years. We offer a unique experience with personalized treatment plans, Evidence-Based Psychotherapy and Natural Wellness Programs for drug addiction, alcoholism, Compulsive Behavior and Dual Diagnosis including Bipolar, Depression, ADD/ADHD, PTSD and other Psychiatric and Mental Disorders.

CS-WebsolutionsWe are a full service web design and marketing company that specializes in creating custom designed websites that act as an important part of your organization’s marketing campaign. Most small business owners don’t have the time or the knowledge of how to create a website that will help grow their business. Our goal is to help your business succeed and generate revenue from your website. After all without a well equipped website, you are missing out on potential business in your local city. We take the time to consult with each business owner to identify their customers and then develop a website layout which will enhance the customer experience as well as attract new customers. Depending upon each client needs, we utilize Social Media Marketing, effective SEO, and efficient PPC campaigns to develop an effective and efficient website. So check us out at

RYR-Logo-Concept-Final-NEW-TAGWe help people with addictive, fearful or self-sabotaging tendencies get honest with themselves, take control of their lives, and stand in their own power and happiness …regardless of other people’s expectations.

fatblogo“The mission of this FAITH-based organization is to promote life long sobriety from the disease of addiction through acknowledgement that FAITH is the key to one’s success”. ‘Faith At the Beach is a personal blog site where Amy Cooper shares her life, trials and tribulations surrounding her recovery from drug addiction. The site provides guidance, inspiration and christian thoughts about drug dependency, recovery, sobriety and rebuilding relationships which have been damaged as a result of drug addiction. Amy’s recent past has been a storm but now the colors of the rainbow shine through and light up her life with their beauty.’

A.T.R.IA.T.R.I. – Addiction Treatment Reviews & Information is a worldwide platform of unbiased reviews and accurate information on drug rehabs, treatment centers, inpatient & outpatient facilities, therapists, interventionists and many other recovery services.  The process of addiction treatment is unique, highly-individual and life-changing to each recovering person in their own way. Visit us today at

Sovereign Health GroupSovereign Health Group offers drug and alcohol treatment, dual diagnosis and eating disorder assistance. They proudly sponsor DIG and Cali Estes in offering certifications, courses and continuing educational resources to their staff and the community. More about the company and its programs in Southern California can be found here.

Oasis ChiropracticOasis Chiropractic is located in Miami Florida.  Many people seek relief of conditions such as neck and back pain, headaches, arthritis, asthma, indigestion (IBS and colitis), sleep troubles, etc. The truth is, there is only one condition- stress. It comes in three varieties- structural, emotional, and nutritional. The care in my office is designed to discover your source of stress and remove it (sorry, significant others and bosses are excluded). This allows for normal function and proper healing. I would love to be the chiropractor of your health care team. I’m always available for phone consults to answer any questions you might have. I look forward to hearing from you. Dr. Myles Starkman


Revive Detox Center is located near the beautiful South Florida Beaches. If you or a loved one is in need of Alcohol or Drug Detox, Revive Detox Center is the place to start. We are the foundation to your recovery and we are the first step towards achieving long term sobriety.


In drug and alcohol addiction treatment, a significant level of personalization toward achieving honest recovery should exist between client and counselor. It is our belief that addiction treatment should never lose sight of the past, present, and future needs of a client. Cornerstone Recovery recognizes and embraces the ideal of individualized care, and we are dedicated to the individual in the addiction treatment process, tailoring treatment to the needs of the individual as opposed to lumping the individual into a predetermined treatment plan.


Lifescape Solutions, located in tropical Delray Beach, South Florida, is dedicated to helping clients’ breakthrough substance abuse and trauma. We provide an environment of positive, nurturing, safe, structured self -exploration. Utilizing best practices of Western medicine combined with Eastern therapies and scientifically proven innovative therapeutic approaches, our clients develop a strong self-concept, the desire to be part of the larger community and the motivation to give back. Our team of professional doctors, clinicians, and certified healing professionals provide every client with personalized treatment every step of the recovery journey. To maintain our individualized, integrated, holistic approach, we keep our client/ therapist ratio extraordinarily low. We offer residential care, extended care and aftercare. Learn more about our dedicated credentialed staff and our unique programs to help clients clear the past, motivate the present and enhance the future.


For over 40 years, Gosnold has been serving individuals and families affected by addiction.   We understand addiction as a chronic disease that requires lifelong care and management. Our full continuum of inpatient and outpatient programs enables us to treat individuals at all stages of the illness and our Reaching Out family program brings hope and support to families. A dedicated and caring staff using evidence based practices can help patients and family members develop and understand the changes that can lead to life long remission. Gosnold supports you for the life of your recovery.

Recovery Village

Here at The Recovery Village, we offer patients a comprehensive residential rehab experience that provides medical and psychotherapeutic care for both addiction and underlying mental health issues. This phase of treatment begins after acute medical stabilization and initial detox, and it provides a number of services chosen specifically to meet the patient’s challenges in addiction and goals for recovery. Call now to begin treatment at The Recovery Village today.

New Directions, FL

Core Vision

At CoreVision Network, the foundation of our addication treatment philosophy is the belief a holistic approach to recovery-focusing on the physical, emotional, spiritual, family and mental health needs to each individual. With CoreVision will offer every client a long term approach to treatment for drug and alcohol abuse through our intensive outpatient program (IOP). We focus on true dual diagnosis in order to help all of our clients because they are people. The overall goal of the program is to provide a safe therapeutic environment that encourage and promotes recovery.

NY Yankees

The New York Yankees are an American professional baseball team based in the Bronx, New York City, New York, that competes in Major League Baseball. They are organized in the American League’s East division. The Yankees are one of two MLB clubs based in New York, the other being the New York Mets. The club began play in the AL in the 1903 season, after owners Frank Farrell and Bill Devery purchased the defunct franchise known as the Baltimore Orioles and moved the team to New York City, naming the club as the New York Highlanders. The Highlanders were officially renamed as the “Yankees” in 1913.